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We asked your candidates for Guild President to 'change one thing to improve student life at Birmingham'. Here's what they said:


Easy - engagement. Students have become disillusioned from student politics and guild elections as they believe their views are not being fully represented and manifesto points are not being upheld. It's easy to see why voter turn out is low! This needs to change. Officers are not elected as individuals but as representatives of the views of all those who study at Birmingham. There is so much potential here to make a lasting change for every single person on this campus. Officers should be representative, accountable and transparent.

Read Just-Josh's manifesto to find out more.

Mr 2Ply

Changing the university loo roll to be at least 2 ply will do more than any other single action to improve student mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in a truly meaningful and measurable way. #ForTheManyAndThePoo

Read Mr 2Ply's manifesto to find out more.

Le’Shaé Woodstock

One thing I would change at the University of Birmingham is the expansion and move of Guild advice. Guild advice is a great service, however there are few advisors and it is not easily accessible due to the location of the building.

By moving its services to a central space on campus – Guild Lettings/Living or potentially finding a new space – the services would be spread out to everyone who needs it, as opposed to just those who can reach it.

University mental health services are overstretched to say the least, so moving Guild Advice to a larger, more central location, will allow more students to find it and drop in for welfare advice.

Read Le'Shaé's manifesto to find out more.

Svenja Peters

I would urge University administration to increase the budget for student ideas and needs, so that there is more funding available for services that are in place (e.g. Mental Health) to improve and be run more smoothly and for services such as food on campus to become cheaper.

Read Svenja's manifesto to find out more.

Now you know what they stand for, here's what you can do: vote for the change you want to see on campus!

Voting closes 4pm on Friday 1st March.


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