Officer Elections: Do international students get a fair deal?

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We asked your candidates for International Officer if international students get a fair deal at Birmingham. Here's what they said:

Old JoJo

Absolutely NOT! Reasoning behind this come clear if you see fees and experiences. For example, international students have to pay FIVE TIMES as much as what home students pay for THE EXACT SAME experience in their year abroad or year in industry. Which is obviously a huge difference between the fees, but there is no single difference between the experiences.

I am already discussing this with the university as the current International Officer, and it needs a long-term attention to reduce this. Please support me, so I can keep working on this!

Read Old JoJo's manifesto to find out more.

Maria Araos Casas

International students have certain difficulties when it comes to getting a scholarship, work opportunities and even to be a part of the local culture. It is precisely because of this, that our role as international officer is so important because we are in charge of making the experience much more pleasant but above all of obtaining new and better opportunities for the students and thus making their treatment and opportunities fair.

As your international officer I will guarantee that every service in the university tailored for international students so we all can have a fair deal.

Read Maria's manifesto to find out more.

Wei-Lun Chen

I assumed the question is about Brexit and the answer to the question is no. There is no deal made for international students yet. I pessimistically anticipate that the problems will start to emerge after Brexit for international students in the UK. On the bright side, UK government announced ‘Ensuring the United Kingdom remains the best place for science and innovation’ as a principle towards Brexit. Nationally our university works with other universities to put forward the strongest case to influence the government. Also our university remains committed to apply to Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ and other EU funding programmes.

Read Wei-Lun's manifesto to find out more.

Ifeoma Odum

I believe International students do not get a fair deal, even though they constitute a large percentage of the student population of the University. International students have historically been dealt the heavy hand when it comes to tuition, living spaces on university campus, flexibility with choosing courses/programs, study or work visa restrictions, internships or study abroad opportunities, fees for language courses and career mentorships. Due to a low level of diversity and inclusiveness in Student matters with regards to International students, they may graduate from UoB and miss out on the full study experience they had hoped for.

Read Ifeoma's manifesto to find out more.

Now you know what they stand for, here's what you can do: vote for the change you want to see on campus!

Voting closes 4pm on Friday 1st March.


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