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Postgrad Ball: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase my Postgrad Ball tickets?

Simply log in to the Guild of Students website via the my.bham portal and then click the Postgraduate Ball button on our home page - or the link at the bottom of this article

You must log in through my.bham to buy your ticket. We recommend trying this out before tickets go on sale so you can check your username and password are working properly.

If you have difficulties logging in, please email

How do I log in via my.bham?

It’s really simple!

  1. Head here and use your University details to log in
  2. Select the Guild of Students icon from your “Top Picks”
  3. You’ll automatically be redirected to the Guild website.

I’m having problems paying – what should I do?

First, make sure you're typing in the correct card details, if that doesn't solve the problem, send us an email to and we'll do our best to help you out. You'll make it easy for us to help you if you include your full name, student ID number AND a screenshot of your problem!

How many tickets can I buy?

Tickets are limited to two per person. You are welcome to bring your partner or a friend, but anyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed entry.

Please ensure all guests bring proof of age ID.

Hang on, wasn’t there a Postgraduate summer ball last year?

When we say that this is the first ever PG Ball, we recognise that there have been balls in the past – but none that have been open to both taught and research students.

How do I get a free ticket if I fill out the PTES or PRES?

Once the surveys close (18th May for PRES 16th June for PTES) a winner will be chosen at random and will be refunded the price of their ticket.

Will I be able to sit with my friends?

After all the tickets are bought we will send out a seating chart where you will be able to pick where you sit, please make sure you send back your choices in time or you will be assigned a seat at random!

Tables usually seat 10. We will do our best to ensure that parties larger than 10 are allocated tables close to each other, wherever possible.

Will I get a choice of food?

Along with the seating chart, we will send out a menu for you to make your selections from. Please make sure that you send back your choices in time!

If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know when completing your meal selections.


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