President’s Statement: Worklink

In July we were made aware that a large number of students had not received payments through Worklink. Since this issue came to light we have held several meetings with Worklink and the University to raise individual student issues and push for acknowledgment of the issues and compensation for all those affected. To date, we’ve referred around 100 students for urgent payments – and I’m pleased to report that majority have since been processed.

What have we done?

Following conversations with the University and Worklink we’re pleased that progress has now been made in a number of areas:

  • Urgent payments have now been transferred to the majority of the students who have got in touch with the Guild directly
  • A Statement from the University has been released to apologise for the error and explain what plans are in place to rectify the situation
  • The Hardship fund has been enacted by the University – with instant payments made to anyone severely affected by delayed/incorrect payments
  • Compensation: any student impacted by incorrect/delayed payments will now receive compensation from the University in the form of £50 food vouchers to be used at any campus food facility or a £25 amazon voucher
  • A commitment to reviewing Worklink’s payroll system

What now?

If you have been impacted by delayed or incorrect payments, you will be able to receive your voucher from the Costa space in the Bramall Building on the 14th October. A stand will be set up here where all students who have been logged will just have to show their student ID to receive their voucher.

We’re pleased to hear that the number of reported missed/delayed payments have now reduced as the University continues to fix the payroll issue. However, we are aware that some students are still being impacted and have been unsure about who or where to go. 

We completely appreciate how frustrating this has been for students and we will continue to work hard to ensure all affected students are fairly compensated and that steps are being taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again. I want to take the opportunity to thank every student who got in touch with me regarding their cases. If it wasn’t for the incredible response to my posts, it would have been extremely difficult to have achieved the outcome above.

Although a difficult challenge, the staff on the ground within Worklink and Payroll have tried their best to resolve this issue – despite the issue, being with another newly installed system (New Core). With many student staff working within these departments, it’s important to note that their hard work has not gone unnoticed.

If anyone is still awaiting payment, has any problems receiving compensation or just wants to talk about this issue then please drop me an email.


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