Read the Student Voice Report!

At the Guild, we have access to quite a lot of useful information and survey data: all the national survey data (National Student Survey, Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey and Postgraduate Research Experience Survey); the Birmingham Student Survey results; data from all Guild surveys we conduct; and annual Student Staff Committee reports which highlight the main themes that crop up in Student Rep meetings.

We want to make the best use of this, so each year we collate all this data, and write a big report called the Student Voice Report. This purpose is to identify a number of key issues to work on – based on what students have said. We try to pick things that can be achieved within a year (though sometimes they take a bit longer).

In this year’s report we have presented 22 recommendations. These recommendations are all aimed at improving your academic experience while studying here at UoB. The recommendations all fall into the following 7 categories:

  • The BME attainment gap and black students’ satisfaction - working to reduce the gap between the percentage of black and minority ethnic students getting a first or 2.1 and their white counterparts.
  • Assessment and feedback - working to improve the consistency of feedback, to make it clearer what to expect from feedback and to reduce the number of times you don’t receive your feedback on time.
  • Personal tutoring and academic support - giving more of a structure to personal tutor meetings and being more clear about what to expect in them.
  • Supporting the student voice - ensuring the student representation system works as well as it can do enabling you to have a say in your education.
  • Learning resources - making sure the Library is fully funded and working efficiently so you can access as many of the materials that you need as possible.
  • Publication of additional course costs - pushing the University to publish any of the additional costs of studying at Birmingham.
  • Support for students on study abroad or placement years - making sure you’re not in the dark before going on a year abroad or placement year.

?You can read the full report here.

We’ll be working with the University in the coming months to make sure that these changes are on track, and I’ll keep you updated on our progress.


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