Student Mentor Genius's Advice for International Students

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Moving to University in itself can be hard and scary, but moving across the world to come to University can be very challenging. Here’s Student Mentor, Genius explaining how she felt moving to University and some helpful advice if you’re an international student. Image of Student Mentor, Genius

As an international student, being far from home can get overwhelming. You may not know anyone, and you may not have a clue about where things are, but hang in there! Chances are you are not alone, as other students probably feel the same way too!

If you are like me, and didn’t really make friends during Welcome Week - that is completely okay! There are probably people in your shoes waiting to meet you. Attend your course events (mostly virtual), join societies and get chatty on their social media platforms. That way, you get to meet different but probably like-minded people. Also, try your best to be in contact with your family as much as possible so that you can feel close to them.

Bonus Tip: Don’t compromise in order to fit in, always be yourself.

Never feel embarrassed for not knowing certain things. Moving to the UK, everything felt so new to me starting from contactless cards, to using machines to purchase goods at the store! Luckily, I was never one to shy away from seeking help. So, if you ever feel stuck, ask your flatmates, course mates, friends, tutor or the Student Mentor Scheme for assistance. You may be surprised to learn how willing people are to help!

Bonus Tip: You can pay £1 for your bus fare providing you have your Uni ID. Also Google Maps is your new best friend!

It is normal to experience cultural shock. Many things will differ from that of your home country: the food, transportation, weather, time-zone and the people. However, try your best to be optimistic in order to embrace this new way of life. Enjoy your time in the UK, after all you may have a long way ahead of you!

Bonus Tip: The weather has mood swings so try to either keep snug and warm or have a plan B!

Lastly, while at University you should seek to get value for your money. Yes! Aim to make the most of your Uni experience. Studying is very important, however, consider getting involved with extracurricular activities. Apply for that job, attend that workshop and harness your skills. Utilise every opportunity no matter how intimidating it may seem. Most of all, seize every moment!


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