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This week we’ve been focusing on all things housing - including choosing where to live, finding your housemates, and where to get advice along the way. Finding your next student house can be stressful, but we really don't want you to worry or rush the house-hunting process - which has been our key theme this week. We're just here to prepare you in advance, so when the time comes, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing.


First up, let’s start with some housing-hunting tips from your Guild Officers:

Live with friends with similar routines and lifestyles.’ Joanne Park, International Officer

Be careful before signing your contract and make sure you get it checked by the Guild or Living if there is anything within it that you aren’t happy with. Above all, do not rush into signing a contract if you don’t feel comfortable with it.’ Tobiloba Adeyemi, Postgraduate Officer

To echo Tobi – please don’t rush into renting! If you’re not ready to look at houses right now, there will still be houses available later this term and even in term two (nice ones too).

Where you can go for housing support...

House-hunting can be confusing and overwhelming – but we’re here to make it that little bit easier for you! There are lots of services available to help you make informed decisions. So if you need some direction, keep reading...

Not sure where to look for housing? Birmingham Studentpad is the official University of Birmingham property search engine aimed at students looking for a house. This platform only advertises properties owned by accredited landlords, so there’s no need to worry!

Feel confident that you’re getting the real deal with Marks Out Of Tenancy. This website allows tenants in the private rental sector to rate and review their tenancy experience. It’s pretty handy if you’re stuck between a few houses, or simply want some more information to help you make up your mind.

Not sure exactly which area you’d like to live in? The Community Wardens are hosting Walking Tours of Selly Oak next week which will be a great opportunity to explore the local area and talk to a student who actually lives in Selly.

If you’re a little concerned about who you’re going to live with next year – don’t be! The Student Mentor Scheme can help you meet like-minded students in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, so you can find the right people to live with. They’re even hosting a couple of Housemate Finder Events in November – so be sure to mark these in your diary.

You might find you need housing support now or maybe this will come later, when you’re closer to signing a contract. Either way Guild Advice are here to help, as and when you need them! And if they don’t know the answer themselves, they’ll point you in the right direction.

Whether you’re new to the housing process, or you’ve done it before but it maybe wasn’t the smoothest experience - all the information you’re going to need for your housing journey is in our Rent Right booklet which you can download here.


You can also check out Millie's 'How to' video below, which is all about viewing properties and finding your next student home.


If there’s anything we want you to take from this week, it’s please: Don’t Rush to Rent! You still have plenty of time, and you will find somewhere to live!


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