Top tips for leaving your student home!

Top tips for leaving the student community Top tips for leaving the student community

The academic year is coming to an end and for some it’s (very sadly) time to think about moving out of your student let! Besides the final nights out and the emotional last housemate dinners there are a number of practical things you need to sort out before you leave your let. Here are our top tips to help you move out with ease.

Sort out your rubbish

Make a start on removing rubbish from your house in the days and weeks before you move out. You will inevitably have lots to throw away in the last week so spread the load over a few weeks to avoid leaving a huge pile of rubbish on the street on the day you move out. If you have a lot of rubbish to get rid of you can take almost anything for FREE to Lifford Lane tip.

Donate unwanted items

Got a lot to leave behind? Don’t just chuck it all away! Your trash could be treasure in the right hands. Consider donating unwanted books, clothes, stationary and household items to Junkbusters. Junkbusters collect from outside your door on the streets of Selly – but you can leave your items at drop-off locations like the Guild! Take a look at the Junkbusters page for details of donations and collection dates.

Rate your landlord

Before you move out why not leave a review of your landlord and property on Marks Out Of Tenancy? Whether you’ve loved every minute or been plagued with issues, share your experience and rate your house, street, landlord and agency to help other students to make informed property choices next year.

Don’t waste food

Even the most efficient meal-preppers will find a few tins of store-cupboard staples leftover. If you have unopened, in-date food, consider donating it to the local foodbank. You can leave it at the foodbank collection in Guild reception or take it to one of the Junkbusters drop-off locations.

Clean up and get your deposit back

Give your house a good clean and tidy and be careful not to leave any waste behind as you might be charged for this. Check your contract for any terms and conditions you need to follow before moving out. Remember: your landlord needs to be able to justify any deductions or charges they want to make and cannot charge you for normal wear and tear. Take photos of your property before you leave and remember to contact Guild Advice if you need any support with reclaiming your deposit.

Say goodbye to your uni home crying 

Enjoy your last few weeks living in your house and your student community! Have fun with your friends, chill out in the local parks and visit all your favourite local haunts. For many this will have been your first home-from-home so make sure you say goodbye in style. But remember to show some love to your community by not causing too much noise or by leaving the place looking a mess when you leave. Leave it looking fresh, clean and ready for a new bunch of student to enjoy living in the student community.


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