Volunteer of the Month... Tom Oxley!

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We're pleased to announce that Tom Oxley is our Volunteer of the Month for January!

Tom is a committed member of the Conservation Volunteers and has made a huge contribution to the group this year. By attending all sessions this year he has developed his knowledge of practical conservation techniques. His confidence has grown no end from the start of term and he always goes out of his way to help new members of the group and teach them new skills.

Tom can be counted on to roll his sleeves up and take on any tasks that are asked of him. His loyalty and humility have been recognised by his fellow volunteers, making him stand out for the February Volunteer of the Month prize.

Conservation Volunteers are a student-run group that work with local and national organisations in order to conserve our local green, open spaces. They visit Sites of Special Scientific Interest, nature reserves, parks and woodland, adopting a hands-on approach for the betterment of the local environment and provide their members with valuable volunteer experience.

Do you have someone in mind who could be our next volunteer of the month? We’d love to hear from you! Send us their name and a sentence or two describing why they deserve to win to volunteering@guild.bham.ac.uk! The winner will receive a £15 amazon voucher and a certificate for their efforts!


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