Volunteer your time this summer...

Volunteer your time this summer... Volunteer your time this summer...

Fancy doing something special with your free time this summer? Whether you’ve got all the time in the world, or you only have the occasional five minutes to spare this summer, you can make a real difference through online micro-volunteering.

Online volunteering activity allows you to get involved wherever, whenever and can help to raise funds, donate food and help those most in need – with very little time commitment. They often involve fun activities, like taking part in quizzes, or doing activities that easily fit around your day-to-day life.

There are loads of wonderful micro-volunteering sites online – here are a few to stick in your favourites:


Free Rice

With Freerice, you’ll be asked to take part in a quiz, helping you improve your English grammar, geography, maths, language learning – and lots more besides. But here’s the best bit: each time you answer a question correctly, you’ll help the World Food Programme fund the purchase ten grains of rice to help those most in need around the world. Freerice has two main goals: to provide education and to help end world hunger by providing rice to save and change lives.

Find out more and play online: www.freerice.com  

Charity Miles

Fancy getting fit while fundraising for the causes that matter to you? The Charity Miles scheme is a free sponsored exercise app for all smartphone users. It offers the opportunity to donate money to charity through your daily activity e.g. your walk with the dog, your run at the gym or your commute to campus. Companies sponsor the app and will donate to your chosen charity based on the distance travelled!

Find out more: www.charitymiles.org

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a free smartphone app that connects blind and visually impaired people with volunteers around the world via a video chat service. Users volunteer their time to help blind or visually impaired people to solve daily challenges.

Daily challenges differ from person to person, but the app essentially allows sighted volunteers to help with tasks that require sight such as reading the prices or ‘best before’ dates at the supermarket. Essentially, it allows the blind or visually impaired person to ‘borrow’ the sight of a volunteer in order to make their lives a little easier.

How amazing! Find out more: www.bemyeyes.com


With 1,769,078 current volunteers, Zooniverse offers a range of research projects for volunteers to get involved with at their leisure. This scheme seeks volunteers to participate in research of all kinds, from transcribing manuscripts to classifying galaxies. There are over 50 active online citizen science projects that volunteers can contribute to such as transcribing handwritten documents by Shakespeare’s contemporaries to help us better understand his life and works.

Zooniverse features a different project every week which allows you to get stuck in to lots of different projects – both via their website and smartphone app.

Find out more: www.zooniverse.org

Post Pals

Post Pals aims to ‘post a smile on a sick child’s face.’ Volunteers can send a card, letter or email to seriously ill children and their siblings. This easy volunteering has no time commitment and only takes around five minutes of your time.

In order to find a ‘pal’ simply head to the Post Pals website and take a look through the individual children’s stories and send them a nice letter to brighten their day.

Find out more: www.postpals.co.uk

Skills for Change

Skills for Change focuses on micro volunteering actions that put professional skills to good use. Volunteers are invited to respond to series of mini one-off challenges, such as designing an email template or suggesting background images for a YouTube channel.

Volunteers select the causes that matter to them while detailing the skills that they can offer e.g. blogging, researching, tech, fundraising. Skills for Change will then search for current challenges for volunteers to complete at that very moment in time.

Got skills? This could be the one for you: www.skillsforchange.com




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