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Volunteering: You Said, We Did!

Last year, we asked you to complete the NUS Volunteer Engagement Survey for the first time, which we will use to improve volunteering at the Guild year on year. Here is what we have done since last year’s survey to support you:


You said… You wanted more recognition for volunteers

We did… Volunteer thank you cards, candy canes and pin badges so that you can thank your volunteers for going above and beyond!


You said… You wanted regular timely feedback

We did…Our customer service charter ensures a response to all enquiries received into the service within three working days.


You said… You wanted more chances to get involved in activities

We did… Weekly one off volunteering activities held in the Guild and around the University.


You said… Help was needed to provide better advertising of events and groups

We did… A monthlySpotlight On…’ to showcase the amazing things your group gets up to and frequent support across social media advertising your events! We also had a specialised Christmas web page highlighting any events you had in the lead up to the end of term.


You said… Groups needed more support from staff

We did…We have introduced Volunteer Tea and Talk so that volunteers can come along with any queries, ideas or find out how to get involved! We also created volunteering guides and a guide to DBS applications.


You said… You wanted more options when it comes to training

We did… In semester two we are launching in-person safeguarding training for volunteering groups and in the final term of last year the Student groups team led face to face training as part of the Student Groups Conference.


Let us know your feedback and take part in our amazing prize draw by completing the survey here:



To find out more about what the volunteering team can offer you head here: volunteers/



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