Warden Cara's Personal Safety Tips

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As we get into November, we move one step closer to Christmas, but it also means it is colder outside and it gets darker earlier. With the clocks going back, and it getting dark from 5pm, we understand that some concerns around safety, and specially travelling to and from campus, may arise.  

It is common to feel nervous but it is also important that we are aware of ways we can keep safe. This also extends to keeping your house safe, especially at night. As someone who lives further away from the main Selly Oak roads, at first it was worrying walking back at night but I now put measures in place to ensure I am safer.

Here are some top tips to keep you safe during the darker nights:

  • If you can, walk in groups. If you are in a group,  you’ll feel less vulnerable compared to if you are walking by yourself. Find a friend from your last class of the day or wait for your housemate so you can walk back together.
  • Avoid wearing headphones at night. If you are walking alone, it is best you don’t have any music on and do not get distracted by your phone either.  It is important to be aware of your surroundings.
  • Image of two community Wardens holding personal safety devicesCarry a personal safety alarm with you. These will set off a loud alarm when you pull the cord. You can collect them from Guild Reception or the Community Warden office at the Guild – and they’re free! I always carry one with me. Luckily, I’ve never had to use it, but just having it in my pocket makes me feel a lot safer.
  • Catch the Selly Express. Our free shuttle bus service offers convenient travel between campus and Selly Oak, Mondays – Fridays during term time. Save yourselves from walking by catching the Selly Express.  More details about this can be found further down.
  • Lock your car in a secure parking area where possible. It is important that you make sure your car is as safe as possible to avoid theft or damage. Never forget to lock it and never leave any personal belongings in your car either.

What is the Selly Express?

As mentioned earlier, the Selly Express is back! This is the Guild’s FREE evening shuttle bus service which takes you from campus to Selly Oak.

The shuttle bus runs from Monday – Friday during term time, and collects hourly from 7pm – midnight, next to the main library behind Spar (the corner of Westgate and Ring Road).

You don’t need to buy a ticket, all you have to do is show up with your student ID and tell the driver exactly where on the route you’d like to be dropped off. The driver will either drop you off at the exact location of your house, or for smaller roads that the bus may not be able to navigate down, it will drop you off as near to your front door as possible.

If you’d like to learn more or view the bus route, head to the Selly Express page.

Graphic which says 'Self Defence Classes'Self Defence

Speaking of personal safety, we are also running Self Defence classes throughout November in collaboration with Taekwondo Team Saja. These classes are for anybody who wants to improve their personal confidence and learn skills to help them stay safe. They are for beginners so anyone is welcome and the people who run it are super friendly!

See below for details:


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