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Over the last few months, we’ve made a few changes to Your Ideas to make it easier for more of your ideas to become reality.

Guild Policy Development Group (GPDG) now has the ability to agree on ideas and policy and mandate the Officers to implement your idea immediately, without the need for a vote. Where GPDG is unable to come to a decision unanimously, they will still be placed online for an all student vote.

The next GPDG Meeting will be taking place on Thursday 24th January at 6pm in the Mandela room. You can view all of the policy being discussed here:

Beliefs and Commitments 


Voting on the next cycle of Your Ideas will take place between 10am on 11th February and 4pm on 22nd February.

All ideas being placed online for comment and voting must reach quorum of 190 votes and have a simple majority in favour.

The full minutes of the last GPDG meeting are available here.


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