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Your current Officer Team have been in their roles for about 7 months, during which time they’ve been working hard to drive change, present the student perspective to the University and the Guild, and also represent your academic interests during your time at Birmingham.  We caught up with your Officers to see just what they have enjoyed about their time in office so far.

Here’s what they had to say:

‘Being President is more than a CV building exercise; you become a figurehead for over 37,000 students overnight. This can be challenging, but ultimately so rewarding, especially when someone stops you in the street to thank you for the work you’re doing.

I see this campus as one big extended family, so when students need help you’ll always try your best. By the time I leave, I hope to have represented everyone to the best of my abilities and have promoted a positive change for students.’ 

- Reece Roberts, President, 2018/19



'As Welfare and Community Officer, I really enjoy having the opportunity to drive change both on campus and in the community. It’s so rewarding when I’m able to help an individual student to have a better university experience by representing their academic interests and their overall welfare, as I love being able to see that in action. I feel proud to be able to represent students on the issues that really matter, and really hope that my actions will lead to a better overall student experience at University of Birmingham.'

- Izzy Bygrave, Welfare and Community Officer, 2018/19





‘As Activities and Employability Officer, it’s a great opportunity to make a difference to the student experience at the Guild. There are over 300 Student Groups here, and over 9,000 of you are involved in them, meaning as AEO there is a chance to make a real impact! Not only this,  but the commercial side of the role is a great opportunity to improve the Guild for the wider student community.

A rewarding part of my role is finding new ways to help those in groups to grow and develop skills which will help them in their future careers, as well as improving recognition for committee members.’ 

- Robyn Macpherson, Activities and Employability Officer, 2018/19



'As Sports Officer I represent the student voice to the University to ensure they continually value and support sport here at Birmingham. A rewarding part of my role is when big projects I’ve worked on go to plan and you can see students have been positively affected; including the inter-hall sports day providing first years with a range of sports options, and free exercise classes to promote wellbeing during ‘Support Week’.

Sport is a huge part of the student experience here and it is amazing to play an important role in bettering that for students.' 

- Simon Price, Sports Officer, 2018/19




'Representing students as the Postgraduate Officer is an extremely varied and challenging role, but incredibly rewarding. I act as the voice for 50% of students on campus, tackling the issues that face our Postgraduate Taught and Research students to make sure they can make the most out of their time at Birmingham.

One of the best parts of my job is helping to build the Postgraduate Community. It’s so great seeing people form lifelong friendships, and making Birmingham a second home for so many of our International Postgraduates.' 

- Jessica Small, Postgraduate Officer, 2018/19





'As Education Officer, it’s great to have the chance to represent your academic interests to the University. I really enjoy being able to act on your behalf and serve as your voice to ensure the University is doing what’s best for you.'

 - Adam Goldstone, Education Officer, 2018/19






‘As International Officer, I love having the chance to meet so many amazing international students on campus, who inspire me to work towards creating a better university experience for all international students – where they feel they’re being properly represented. I feel passionate about working hard for the student community that I am proud to be part of.’ 

- Joanne Park, International Officer, 2018/19



Want to get in touch with your current Officer Team?  You can find their contact information here.


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