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Our Journey

The Guild has come a long way in recent years. Thanks to the great work of several incredible Guild Officer teams, our dedicated student staff and volunteers, booming student group numbers and the many thousands of students who ‘got the best out of Birmingham’ through the Guild over the last few years we were honoured to be awarded ‘Union of the Year’ at the NUS Awards last year. Have we mentioned that already? I think we might have… But – where do we go from here?

Your Guild is changing…

All our work over the last few years has been guided by our 2014-17 strategic plan – containing all of our aim’s, objectives and to-do lists. This plan refined all of our activities, helping us to improve the Guild for our members. We’ve come a long, long way in this time and we couldn’t be prouder of everything we’ve achieved together. But now it’s time to think of the future... Your Guild is changing and we want you all to come along with us. 

Vision and Values

The Guild’s new vision and values are a reflection of who we are and what we care about the most.

Our vision is to help all students ‘Make the most of University life’

Our Values, which filter into every corner of Guild activity are:

  • Inclusive – embracing diversity in all its forms
  • Representative – standing up for the issues that matter
  • Supportive – offering help and advice when needed
  • Fun – making Birmingham the best place to be

The BIG Plan

Our big plans for the Guild have been developed in response to your feedback. Here are the key areas we going to focus on between now and 2021; all while giving you the best Guild services, events and activities.

Our priorities for 2018-21:

1. Engagement and Participation

We will encourage more students from under-represented groups to engage with, and participate in, our activities by:

  • Delivering events and activities for all students
  • Encouraging wider participation in student groups, volunteering, Guild elections and events
  • Improving our support for students living and studying away from the Edgbaston campus

2. Communication

We will be a students’ union that students identify with and want to be part of by:

  • Launching a new brand and revamping our email and social media activity
  • Delivering relevant, interesting and helpful emails to keep you updated
  • Using student-led content to build our brand around our members

3. Academic and Learning

We will improve the academic experience of students studying at Birmingham by:

  • Lobbying the University to make changes in response to your feedback
  • Reviewing the Student Rep Scheme to better represent your views about your academic experience to the University
  • Digitising services to ensure you can always get involved in making change; wherever you are

4. Representing the student voice

We will be an expert on Birmingham students and represent them in the issues that matters most by:

  • Reviewing the structure and support of your part-time Officer team
  • Investing in research and insight to develop our expertise in everything that matters to students at Birmingham
  • Developing our insight methods to give Officers and student representatives the policy expertise and support they need

5. Support

We will develop a culture of support that ensures the Guild is the first port of call for students needing help and advice by:

  • Identifying gaps in mental health support provided by the Guild and University
  • Remodelling the Guild’ support services to fully respond to students’ needs
  • Increasing students’ wellbeing to prevent mental health difficulties

6. Personal Development

We will provide opportunities that enable students to gain relevant experience and increase their employability by:

  • Clearly defining the Guild’s employability services
  • Providing an array of employment and work experience opportunities
  • Making it easy for students to get involved in running their student group

Now we’ll begin to roll out these service changes as we introduce you to our new Guild brand! Keep an eye on our website and social channels for all the latest news and updates.

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