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Your Ideas - End of Year Round Up

The last cycle of “Your Ideas” this year, closed on the 19th May. Unfortunately, no ideas reached the required quorum of 200 votes so no ideas passed successfully. A full breakdown of the results can be found here

This year 2,008 of you voted on 119 student-submitted ideas. That’s a massive 30% increase on last year! Of those 21 passed successfully - a huge thank you to all of you who voted, making this a record breaking year.

Over the last year, your Officer Team have been working hard to make sure these ideas have been put into action. You can view the progress or outcome of all the ideas submitted this year on the “What we’re working on” pages of the Your Ideas website.

Some ideas cannot be fully completed this year, so they will roll over to the next Officer Team. These ideas are below:

  • Library Tea making facilities  
  • Gender Neutral Toilets (in the Guild)
  • Sanitary Bins in University Accommodation
  • Castle Cars Disaffiliation
  • Gender Neutral Toilets in the Guild
  • Affordable Graduations
  • Affordable Convenience Store in the Guild
  • Library Tea Making facilities
  • Full-Time International Students’ Officer
  • Microwaves on campus
  • Free academic transcripts for all students  

Your Officer Team will continue to make sure these ideas will be put into action. We will keep you updated on their progress.

There are no more cycles of “Your Ideas” this year, but you can still submit ideas for the first cycle next year, taking place in term 1. You can submit ideas here:

If you have any questions about “Your Ideas” please email:


Ksenia Ananyeva
11:17am on 3 Oct 17 Library Tea Facilities and Microwaves on campus is a great idea!!! How to collect the signatures??
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