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Two cycles of 'Your Ideas' took place last term and the results are in.

Earlier this year, we changed the way the system was structured to help more of your ideas become a reality. If an idea is accepted unanimously by Guild Policy Development Group, it will be passed automatically to a member of the Officer Team to get working on. You can view all the ideas passed by GDPG before voting here. Ideas that are not passed unanimously will be put online for your vote. All must hit a quorum of 190 votes to be valid, with successful ideas passing by a simple majority.

In the February Cycle, 16 ideas were submitted to Guild Policy Development Group, 12 ideas were put forward for comment and voting, 0 passed successfully. 157 of you voted. In the March Cycle, 3 ideas were submitted to GPDG, 1 was put forward for comment and voting, it did not pass successfully.

You can read the full results of both cycles here.

If you have a great idea to create real change on campus, make sure to submit it for the next round of Your Ideas!



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