Your Officers Issue Actions to the University Over Conversion Therapy

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Following our initial statement (15/12/20) condemning the response of the University to the story of Chris (pseudonym), who received ‘conversion therapy’ at the University in the 1970s, the Guild of Students has developed the following actions to begin the redress required as a result of Chris’s story. The Guild commits to working with the relevant people to achieve these actions, on behalf of Chris, other victims and our LGBTQ+ community. These requests have highlighted key figures within the University who we believe should take a leading role in this redress, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the University as a whole to acknowledge and condemn his experience and all discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals and communities.  

1. We request that the Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor Equality, Diversity and Inclusion meets with the Guild’s LGBTQ+ Students’ Officer and Trans and Non-Binary Students’ Officers to discuss how the University can become an actively welcoming place for LGBTQ+ students.  

2. We demand that Chris receives a full and unreserved apology from the institution for the physical and mental pain he has endured. This apology should come regardless of whether the incidents were sanctioned or recorded.

3. We ask that any further victims who come forward to the University should also receive a full and unreserved apology, and any additional closure they require.  

4. We request that the University make publicly available any material that informs their awareness of possible conversion therapy or similarly unethical and discriminatory practices in the late 1960s and early 1970s, as detailed in their statement dated 15/12/20

5. We ask that the Pro Vice Chancellor Research and Knowledge Transfer and the Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor Research Impact produce a document outlining the University’s current research practices and standards, including a public commitment to ethical research, and an assurance that the University will take action on unethical, unsanctioned or unrecorded research if it is found to occur.

6. We ask that the School of Psychology delivers a public information session on how to conduct research involving marginalised groups, including but not limited to LGBTQ+ individuals or communities, in an ethical manner.  


Joshua Walton
2:56am on 8 Jan 21 Has there been any response yet?
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