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Looking for a new space to hit the books? In a question on the Guild instagram stories, we asked you to name your favourite campus study spots and, usual, you didn't disappoint. The main Library was too easy, so here are your top 10 hidden, underappreciated and under-the-radar study spaces - as voted by you!

Mason Lounge

Located on the bottom floor of the Arts Building, the Mason Lounge is open from 9-6, Monday to Friday. This bright and open space is the perfect study environment away from the Library. It’s easy to get to, very sociable, not far from the centre of campus and even has a little food counter to grab a snack (check out the cakes!).




Barber Fine Art Library

Another hidden gem: the Barber Fine Art Library is a lovely little spot to work without any distractions. Just over the road from the Guild, the Barber Institute of Fine Arts is a great space to study – and home to our very own campus fine art collection. Go and get a slice of culture along with your studies!





The Loft

Open from 8.45am to 10pm from Monday to Friday, The Loft is located on the top floor of University Centre. Unbeknown to many, this study space has seating for up to 190 students! If you are working in a group, The Loft is a great space to meet as it has lots of large tables and booths. Also, if you’re in need of refreshments, you’re only one flight of stairs away from a variety of different cuisines and snacks!




Cadbury Research Library

Out of all the study spaces on this list, the Cadbury Research Library is one the most overlooked! If you are doing research for a project or essay of some kind, it is certainly worth taking a look at their catalogue to see if they have any useful resources. The Cadbury Research Library is located on the Lower Ground floor of Muirhead Tower and is home to extremely rare books, manuscripts and archives that students should definitely take advantage of!




The Quiet Room

Located in the Gisbert Kapp Building, the Quiet Room is ideal for those who need an intense study session or need motivation to complete that last bit of reading or essay. The Quiet Room is quite a small study space, so you might have to get there quite early, but it is an excellent place to work without distraction and is normally pretty quiet, if that’s how you work best.






The Alan Walters Building

The Alan Walters Building is a great place to study as it includes communal areas that overlook the newly completed Green Heart as well as being a very bright and friendly environment to work in. If you are in need of a caffeine fuelled study session, there is also a café on the ground floor that serves Costa coffee!





The Murray Learning Centre

If the library is too busy or silent for your liking, then the Murray Learning Centre is only a short walk away! With long opening hours (7am – 1am), it is ideal if you need to hire a room or if you just want a relaxed, quiet environment to study in as it is often forgotten about by students.





Aston Webb Hub Study Lounge

Open 8am until 8pm every weekday, the Aston Webb Study Lounge is a suitably scenic place to hit the books, with an uninterrupted view our glorious campus time-piece, Old Joe! If you are looking for a quiet study space that is perhaps not as intense as the Main Library, then this might be the space for you. It’s a relaxed, calm environment with plenty of tables and booths both for group and individual study.





Orchard Learning Resource Centre

This big study space on the Selly Oak campus has nearly 500 seats, so you can always find somewhere to sit. Head over here for a full day’s uninterrupted work, and you can even catch the bus from main campus! It has a café, computers and desks galore. What more could you need?




Harding Building 

The old Harding Law Library was first opened in 1961, so this study space has a bit of a history. It’s now been refurbished, with all the books moving over to the Main Library with the main focus just getting some work done. This is a modern and bright study space, slap bang in the middle of campus, so you can’t miss it. There are a surprising number of seats here, and there’s bookable rooms too if you want to discuss in a group, but this one is a popular one, so get there early!


If you want to find your way to any of these study spaces, be sure to download the new UoB Campus App (on iOS and Android), and it’ll also tell you how full each space is so you know where to go before you set off!




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