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It can be tricky to know what you need to bring with you (or don’t need to) when moving away from home for the first time and coming to university. But don’t worry - we’re here to help!

We’ve put together a checklist of what to bring to uni; but first of all, there are a couple of things to remember.

1. Different halls will supply different things. The basics will always be provided, but some halls may supply kettles or kitchen utensils, while others won’t. So, it’s a good idea to find out what your accommodation already has, and remember to think about whether you are self-catered or on meal plan.

Check out what’s included with your halls here. If your accommodation is privately owned, have a browse through their website to see what’s included.

2. If you’re moving to Birmingham from across the globe and are worried about what / how much to bring with you - don’t worry! A lot of the items on this list can easily be purchased after you arrive in the UK!

Now, on to the essentials checklist:

Important Documents/Information to Bring with you - A form of identification (passport / driver’s license), National Insurance Number, your University of Birmingham admissions letter, accommodation documents, bank details and bank card / banking book, student finance documents, any official document with your address on (for signing up to your GP).

Money – Your first student loan instalment is paid on the first week of term, so you’ll want a bit of cash to cover you until it comes in. If you’re a student from across the globe, make sure you have some British currency for your initial costs – but try not to carry large amounts of cash around with you.

Personal medications & toiletries – If you take medications make sure you bring enough with you last until you’ve registered with a doctor (GP) here. Plus, if you have any medical prescriptions, don’t forget to bring them with you. 

Sturdy rucksack or bag – Big enough to fit your laptop, a pile of heavy books, water bottle, lunch and whatever else you might carry around. Make sure it’s fit to survive all seasons!

Laptop and a USB stick – It’s always handy to have your own laptop at uni, but if you don’t have one do not fear, as there are hundreds of computers all over campus that you can use. Remember to always back up any work you do too: hence the USB stick.

Charging cables – Phone charger, laptop charger, and cables for whatever else you’re bringing that needs to be charged.

Duvet, pillows and bed sheets – Yes, you'll likely need to bring these with you, just make sure you check the halls inventory lists first to see what your hall will supply.

Clothes for all seasons – Whether you’re used to sunshine everyday or ice cold temperatures, Birmingham’s weather can certainly be unpredictable. Bring a thick winter coat, but also summer clothing, as you never know what you’re going to get here in Brum.

Once you're here, you'll likely need to get a few things:

Coat hangers – An essential that can be very easily forgotten.

Tupperware boxes – To store all those leftovers from the delicious food you’re going to be cooking. Remember, batch cooking is your friend!

Laundry basket – Unless you want all your dirty clothes to end up in a heap in the corner of your room, you’d better get yourself one of these.

Towels – A bit of a dry suggestion.

Kitchen utensils – Once you're here you'll need to buy plates, bowls, cutlery, chopping board, saucepan,  baking tray, glasses/mugs, measuring jug. The list is endless when it comes to kitchen stuff, but think about what you’re actually going to be cooking and how often.

Stationary – There’s no escaping the ‘degree’ part of university. So, don’t forget to get notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, folders, hole puncher and stapler.


Essentials for our global student community:

If you’re relocating from outside of the UK, you’ll still need all of the above, but there are a few other items that you may want to think about.

Important documents – You’ll still need everything that’s listed above, but there are a few other documents you won’t want to forget, including…

- Passport and visa (including any documentation from the University about your visa). Remember to keep these in a safe place in your hand luggage, then make copies of these and pack them separately, in case anything happens to them.

- Proof of acceptance letter or CAS.

Plug Adaptors – If you do forget these, you can easily buy them here.


Not necessarily essentials, but still nice to bring:

Photos from home

Dressing gown (robe) and blanket

First aid kit

Sewing kit



Right, that’s it - it’s officially time to get excited! You'll be Moving In this weekend, so be sure to look out for our Welcome Crew in the pink t-shirts who'll be more than happy to direct you or help you out! 



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