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Welcome to Mooting Society! 

We are a new society set up in 2019, aiming to make mooting an accessible and exciting activity for all students. 

In essesnce, mooting simulates a courtroom hearing; students are presented with a legal issue and argue their case in front of a judge. Mooting is the closest experience you can get to real life courtroom advocacy. 

During our meetings, we will deliver training sessions and run mini-moots. We will provide students with with opportunity to enter competitions. We will also organise networking events and guest speakers - a great chance to network! 

If you are considering a legal career, mooting is a must. It will give you the opportunity to develop your public speaking, research skills and the ability to think on your feet. Plus, strong oral communication skills are essential for any professional career. 

Mooting is a great oppertunity to challenge yourself or try something new. So, whether you want to participate in competitions or simply gain some new skills, mooting is for you. 

We are a friendly and inclusive society, so both law and non-law students from any year are welcome to join, and no previous mooting expereince is required.

Want to find out more? Check out our social media pages or send us an email! 


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