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Safe Space Society

If you are feeling like you need a place to talk, Safe Space UOB may be able to help. We are a free peer support service within the Guild of Students who provide confidential and anonymous peer support groups. The groups are tailored for survivors but are open to anyone who feels they need it whatever their experience has been. Currently, sessions are paused while we are developing our plans for during COVID-19, but please check out our pages, become a member (it's free), and message us if you have any questions. We are not a counselling or advice service, but we are able to offer a kind and supportive community for survivors at UOB. You are not alone.

All sessions are run with protecting people's privacy, but in order to attend we ask that your gain a membership first. This information is confidential and is required for safety reasons. Please see our group rules below: 

  • You need to register as a member on the guild website ideally before you attend, otherwise you will be asked to do this on the day you attend. This is for your safety only in case of an emergency and will be kept strictly confidential. Other members will not be able to see this information. 

  • There is no obligation to share details of experiences or to speak. 

  • Some people may share some information relating to experiences and this may be triggering. 

  • Each session will begin with an icebreaker and end with a debrief, wellbeing check-ins will occur throughout.

  • We ask for no political discussions in our groups to avoid conflict.

  • Please be respectful of all other members.

  • Anyone conducting innapropriate or abusive behaviour will be reported to the Guild to promote safety and wellbeing.

  • We cannot offer formal advice and we are not a counselling service, but we do offer peer to peer support, a kind community, and signposting. 

If you have concerns or questions please contact us. 

If you are interested in helping or fundraising with the society, or if you are interested in becomming a committee member in the future, please message us via email.