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Occult & Paranormal


Whether you know your spooky stuff or you’re just a wannabe witch, the Occult and Paranormal Society is the place to explore all kinds of mystical and supernatural phenomena and practices!

Focus points include astrology, ghosts & spirits, cryptids, magic, paranormal myths, divination, Paganism & Wicca, and aliens. Our sessions are usually a combination of learning about beliefs, exploring different points of view, and giving things a go.

We are a very open-minded society full of friendly and welcoming folx, so no matter your interests you’re bound to find your people…plus membership is FREE!

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Connect with like-minded people on our Discord - whether you want to join a coven or share your ghost-hunting experiences, it's the place to be! Please message us or email the society for an invite!

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Schedule for 2021:

Regular sessions:

Our sessions are hosted on our Discord - message or email us for an invite! Sign up for the Sunday Spooktacular to recieve weekly email updates about upcoming sessions.

Sessions are every Wednesday at 6pm!


Rocky Horror Remake Screening

Watch the remake of cult classic Rocky Horror starring Laverne Cox!


Virtual Werewolves

Play this popular deductive game to root out the werewolves among us…


Learn to write with Hieroglyphics

Practice the Ancient Egyptian writing system so you can make secret spooky notes


Occult Literature and Terrifying Tales

Learn about gothic literature and occult writing, and have a go at your own!

~ 3 Weeks Off for Spring Holiday ~


Sigils and Spell Jars

Make a self-love spell jar including a sigil


Tarot and Tea

Learn to read tarot and tea leaves


Crystal Crafts

Make a crystal keyring and find out about crystal meanings

12/05 Jackbox Joy Playing our favourites to round off the year!
19/05 Finale An in-person meet up that could get spicy...