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Parkour is the discipline of navigating a complex (usually urban) environment in the most efficient way; we aim to nurture a community in the University of Birmingham for traceurs/traceuses to train their Parkour skills in. 


You don't have to be a member(or even a UoB student) to join the facebook group (see the link on the left), we will accept your request asap; however, it is mandatory to have a membership in order to participate in our indoor sessions (£6 for student members, £7 for non student members, usually at 4-6pm on Friday in the Gillett Centre ( )  purchasing a membership will give you a £3 discount for your first indoor training sessions.


We also have weekly informal training sessions on Wednesday afternoons, which are carried out outside (see our facebook group for more details; the usual meet up location is at the University train station).


We wish everyone to enjoy themselves in these training sessions, and stay safe training!


(Established in October 2017; last edited in September 2018)


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