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Welkom! Bienvenue! Wilkommen! Wëllkomm!

Welcome to Benelux society. We are the society by and for Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourgish students at the University of Birmingham. People with an affiliation, interest or curiosity for the cultures of the Benelux countries are more than welcome to join the society!

We host monthly events ranging from beer tasting, to casual socials, to movie nights, to cooking evenings (e.g. waffle making). Hopefully, we’ll be able to do some of that during the second semester. For now, the committee is working hard to ensure Benelux society will have plenty of activities to offer you while respecting social distancing. 

This society is so much fun and full of great people! We’ve had people joining the society for a variety of reasons: to practice their french, dutch or even english or german, to have a taste of our amazing cooking skills, for a good night out with friends, to feel less homesick, to learn more about a country you have visited or want to visit. Join us and follow us on social media for up to date info.

Hope to see you all soon for some great Benelux culture!



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