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Brum Dine With Me

Like the similarly-named TV show, members get together in small groups to host dinner parties for each other.

If you're interested in cooking, hosting dinner parties and are a bit of a foodie then this is the society for you. Each semester you will be placed into a group of 4 or 5 strangers and over a course of 6 weeks you will take it in turns to host a dinner party. You can cook anything you like, whether that's a tantilizing tasting menu or your mum's homemade lasagne. After each night you will send your scores in to us and at the end of each semester we all get together to enjoy a meal out and award the winners with a small prize.

With other food based events througout the year (such as the BBC good food show), it's a great way to meet a variety of people of different ages and backgrounds and sample some delicious food!

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