Life Ambassadors

We are a group of Christian students dedicated to pursuing Christ in authenticity and intimacy. We aim to create an environment where Christian students can gather, fellowship together, and encourage one another in the things of God.

We aim to inspire and equip one another to walk fully in our purpose in God, and to strive for excellence in our academics, careers and socio-spiritual attainments. We also aim to create an environment where students of other faiths are welcome to ask questions about the Christian faith and grow in their understanding of it.

Society meetings will be dedicated towards worship and prayer, faith teachings, discussing practical ways to live out the Christian faith, and occasionally, books, e.g. books on public speaking, leadership, money and time management, etc., will be read and discussed in the group for skill and knowledge acquisition.

Students will be encouraged to be actively involved in society meetings and will be given opportunities to share their knowledge and display their talents.


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Twitter: @lifeambassador1


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Groups - 0121 415 8950

RA's - 0121 415 8949


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