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Why join our society?

Oriental society, being a student-led society from the University of Birmingham, endeavors to gather students from Asian countries. 
We are keen on integrating new students with one another via organizing various activities, such as variety shows and regular meet-ups. Our weekly activities including bowling, sporting activities and other social events. 

Our aim is to allow new students to adapt to the foreign environment, and more importantly, we aim to entertain. Each of our committee understands how difficult it is to study abroad on our own, so we remain vigilant at all times to provide assistance whenever required. We aspire to build a platform for students to meet new people, make new friends and to get used to living in Birmingham. 

With us, you can temporarily set aside the grueling academic tasks and indulge in the luxuries of living in Birmingham. We also collaborate frequently with other societies within the University of Birmingham and societies from other universities in the U.K., providing precious opportunities to expand your social circle, and make the most of your student life in University of Birmingham.

We are here to:

-Help you adapt to university

-Help you MAKE FRIENDS from different countries 

-Help you find a place like home when you are far away from your parents :’)

-BASICALLY. We do everything that’s related to fun AND helping YOU to bond with other Asian students

Major Events:

-University tour

-City tour

-Volunteer working experiencing

- Christmas Dinner

- Variety Show

- Weekly Sports Meetup 

-Talent show

- Participate in other UK universities' friendly sports competition-Nottingham Games

- Each summer, we are invited to co-host the largest EDM event in Asia, such as Beatship in 2015 and Don't Let Daddy Know in 2016. 

- Organise social gathering with other UK Universities


Contact Us

Groups - 0121 415 8950

RA's - 0121 415 8949


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