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Taiho Jutso


In 1973 TAIHO JUTSU was introduced to the United Kingdom by Sensei Brian EUSTACE, when he was asked to review the self defence system for the British police officers. Finding that officers only received tuition in unarmed combat moves at the start of their service, with no refresher courses, Eustace taught a series of Basic techniques that were to be practised regularly. The grades attained were recognised in Japan. These techniques were subject to the same revision process as its Japanese counterpart, which has resulted in a number of changes to the basic techniques as some fell in or out of favour with the authorities.

Today TAIHO JUTSU is used to describe a martial art that until recently was taught and practised almost exclusively by police officers. Officers who used its teachings and techniques to deal with real encounters, some potentially lethal, during their tours of duty tested its effectiveness on a day to day basis.

Finally TAIHO JUTSU remains a window into the past with its teachings still drawn from the KORYU, tried and tested on the battlefields of Japan centuries ago.


About us


Throughout the years this art has been taught as an effective form of personal protection to various areas of the security industry.

The West Midlands Taiho Jutsu Club was formed in the early 1990's and was originally based at the Police Headquarters at Tally-Ho under the leadership of the senior instructor - Sensei Andy McCormack (8th Dan). The club was affiliated to the British Taiho Jutsu Association under the guidance of its founder Sensei Brian Eustace (9th Dan).

Towards the end of the 1990's the club moved away from the Police Headquarters and membership was opened up to the general public. Over the next few years the club operated from a couple of locations before settling at the new permanent DOJO.  It has grown from it's humble beginnings - and is now available as a club with regular training sessions both on and off-campus.  All students from all backgrounds and experiences are welcome - whether you are a beginner or seasoned practioner.




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