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Trading Floor

The UoB Trading Floor Society was founded in 2015 by a group of students keen to share their passion for trading and financial markets. We welcome all students, from avid traders to those with a non-financial background but who are curious and would like to develop their financial knowledge.

The society provides financial education and enhances members' career prospects through our workshops, speaker events, bulls market reports, trading simulator and mock assessment centres, but also ensures members have fun whilst doing so with our stock market socials.

Workshops cover a range of asset classes including shares, FX and bonds. We have both and a junior and senior workshops to give both those with no previous trading experience and those who do the chance to learn.

Our speaker events and Bulls Market Reports, which are produced fortnightly also give a highly insightful analysis into markets and is a great source of information for members.

We help realise students' potential and career ambitions in the areas of investment and finance through our unique mock assessment centres which gives members a range of highly useful formulae, interview advice and exercise practice for spring weeks, summer internships and graduate scheme applications.

We also hold live trading floor sessions on campus for members and our trading game allows members to trade a virtual $1 million USD on the NASDAQ, the winner of the competition between our members will ultimately have their CV forwarded to one of our sponsors.

Therefore, this is a platform for students from all nationalities, genders and courses to join and share their passion; educate themselves on trading and investing; enhance their career prospects within the financial world as well as having fun whilst doing so. Goodluck in becoming the Wolf of Broad Street!

For all of these great events and more, become a member. Membership is just £3!

Once you have signed up, please send email so that we can add you to our mailing list and the TRADING GAME.

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RA's - 0121 415 8949


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