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Urban Lawyers

Providing access to law for all


A: The objects/aims of the organisation shall be to provide services and goods which contribute to social development and awareness and to be beneficial to all who are come into contact with them.

B: We shall endeavor to provide opportunities to volunteers, team members and those who attend events to gain a broader insight into the Urban Lawyers brand.

C: We aim to promote a positive atmosphere amongst team members and those who attend events and to operate in an ethical manner as an inclusive society open for all to join. This includes individuals from all backgrounds, who are not currently pursuing a law degree at the University of Birmingham.

D: We shall look to achieve this by way of educating members about (but not limited to) the law, their legal rights and civic responsibilities through events which explore topical and relevant issues surrounding the law. For example, “The Bar in the Midlands Circuit”. As well as this we shall aim to promote access to law by providing opportunities through events to network with lawyers, garner insight into application processes and develop necessary soft skills E.g. ‘Oral Advocacy Workshop’



A new group established in October 2017


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Groups - 0121 415 8950

RA's - 0121 415 8949


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