Community Wardens

The Community Wardens aim to encourage all residents to get involved in, look after and feel proud of their local community and promote a safer, cleaner, greener community.
The Community Warden Scheme was set up by the Guild of Students in 2005 and is a partnership with the University of Birmingham. The scheme works with local organisations such as the council, police and fire service to make the local area, in particular Selly Oak, a safer, cleaner and greener place to live. Selly Oak is a fantastic community to live in and want you to think so too.
The Wardens can help you improve your local environment by providing you with the information, direction, advice and contacts you need to resolve community-based issues.

What we deal with:

Community Wardens are all students from the University of Birmingham who are trained in dealing with issues within the community. If you need advice with the following then we could help:
In addition to the above, the Warden Scheme runs a number of community initiatives including working with local community groups such as schools and taking part in volunteer litter picks.

Where We Operate:

The Community Warden Scheme primarily operates in the Bournbrook area of Selly Oak and across the wider area where students live in large numbers. There are eight Wardens who patrol the Bournbrook and surrounding areas every week of the University term, door knocking and identifying community issues. Wardens also attend various community and residents’ meetings. 
To find out how to contact the Wardens please click here. Wardens can provide information by email, telephone, through social media or by visiting your house.
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Follow this link to check out latest job opportunities to be a Community Warden: