Energize Birmingham is a student led project. It aims to:

  1. Save you money by reducing your household energy bill
  2. Improve your health by providing a warm home to live in
  3. Protect our environment as a result of our efforts

Follow us on FB for top tips on how to save money and stay warm! You can also contact a student energy advocate for advice via FB and you can enter our regular prize draws and competitions.

Win £500 in cash by becoming an Energy Saving Champion!

The house that achieves the highest energy saving rate per person will have the chance to win £500 cash and crowned as Energy Saving Champion 2015! The winner will be announced at the end of the 2014/15 academic year.

All you have to do is enter your meter reading each month and actively reduce your energy usage by adopting our top tips. Need help with this? Contact one of our energy advocates via FB at any time!

You could also win some lovely monthly prizes each month during term time.

The next monthly prize will be available in February 2015. Follow us on Facebook to find out more.

Useful Information

Register your meter reading now and take up the challenge to save energy, save money and win that £500 cash prize!

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Advice from your Energy Advocates

Winter is coming: 7 Low Budget Tips to Keep You Warm in Cold Winter!

Hannah Evans

Hannah Evans, your Energy Advocate, is offering 7 tips to help you keep warm in cold winter day without spent much money!

Winter is coming!

So that means Christmas shopping, dark nights… and expensive fuel bills? Not necessarily. Just because we are students and most of us are living on a relatively tight budget that does not mean we have to run ourselves into our overdrafts or slowly freeze over the winter months. To help get you guys thinking about how you could keep those cold flurries away without losing too many pennies, here are some top tips!

1. Wear more layers.

It might sound obvious but chucking on an extra jumper or two and some woolly socks can make a big difference!

person in a pink onsie on a leather chair

2. Be more active

Stop sit in front of your computer all day, stand up and walk around every once a while will effectively keep you warm! It is that simple.

3.Eat well.

Food is where we get the energy we need in order to stay warm so regular hot meals and drinks are essential! Try to eat warm food as it taste better than cold food!

4two puddle hot water bottles. Left one white and the right one red..Drink warm water.

If you don’t already have a thermal bottle for hot water, why not get a bottle clothes to keep it warm. be creative, you can easily make one use old towel or piece of cloth.

5.Draw your curtains.

This will help you to reduce heat loss through your windows, easy!

6.Close off any unused rooms.

This will help you to reduce heat loss by preventing the warm air circulating in unnecessary areas of your home.

7.Draft Proof.Brown front door with a draft excluder

If you have a small budget to invest in your home, weather stripping around your windows and doors can reduce the amount of cold air coming in and hot air going out! However, if times are truly hard, a rolled up towel at the bottom of your doors could still so the trick. So there you have it! 7 cheap and easy ways to keep warm this winter. However, if you feel you could do with a little more advice, just get in touch and either myself or another Energy Advocate will be more than happy to help! Now bring on those blizzards!


Hannah is currently studying Environmental Sciences in the University of Birmingham, should anyone in Birmingham have any queries on improving home energy efficiency and reduces energy bills, please contact Hannah at hevans_93@yahoo.co.uk