Safety - Out and About

By following a few simple steps, traveling around Birmingham can be safe and the risk of becoming a victim of crime significantly reduced.
Safety in Groups…Avoid traveling on your own. Try to stay with friends, as you will be less vulnerable to potential criminals.
Try to avoid walking alone after dark…If unavoidable, stick to main roads, keep away from dimly lit areas and don’t take short cuts. Let someone know that you are on your way home and how long you will be.
Always plan your route…To avoid looking as though you don’t know where you are and giving potential criminals a target.
Confidence is key…walk with meaning and confidence even if you don’t feel it! Walking with your head down looking at the floor will reduce your awareness of what is going on around you.
ICE…In Case of Emergency Number…Chose a number of someone in your phone who, if you were to be involved in an incident, you would want the emergency services to contact and save it as an ICE number e.g. ICE Dave; Father or ICE Karen; Sister.
Don’t flaunt it…If you are carrying valuables (anything worth more than £10) keep them out of sight. Use a rucksack to carry your laptop and avoid listening to ipods with white ear phones (easily identifiable).
Keep valuables in different pockets…don’t keep all of your valuables in your bag or one pocket! E.g. If your phone is in your bag and your house keys in your pocket at least you can get into your house if your bag is stolen. Keeping your house keys in your pocket allows for easy access when you do arrive home.

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