Welcome Week 2020

Village Activity Zones

Your Hall Reps and Mentors are pleased to invite you to the Village Activity Zones; a space within your accommodation site, where you can have fun, try something new and even meet new people.

Not only are the events free of charge, but you won’t have to travel far to get your craft on! Activities ranging from board games to cupcake and biscuit decorating, potting plants to Art Classes (ran by Art Soc), there really is something for everyone to get involved in.


There are two types of activities: joint activities that you book and attend as a household, and individual activities that you book and attend by yourself. Each activity is an hour long meaning there are several opportunities to join in the activity you want to take part in.

If you are booking a household activity you need to book with your household group of up to six people, and stay with them. We will be following the Government's 'Rule of Six' for these events.

If you are booking as an individual we will be running the activity following social distancing guidelines.

Get your tickets below.


There is an Activity Zone for each of the 3 accommodation villages:

  • Vale Residents Activity Zone located at Tennis Courts
  • Pritchatt’s Residents Activity Zone located at the car park in Pritchatt’s
  • Selly Oak Village Residents Activity Zone located at Jarratt Hall*

*This site is also for students at Host:The Metalworks, Bournbrook, Oak Brook Park, and Unite Battery Park

Activities will be rotated at all sites meaning that you can attend the site closest to you to take part in what you are interested in.

These activities are for students living in UoB and partner accommodation.

  1. Decide whether you would prefer to take part as a flat or by yourself. To help you decide, click on the links below to find out exactly what activity is happening at your Village Activity Zone
  2. Decide on a date and time when you (and possibly your flatmates) want to attend the activity
  3. If you are booking for a flat activity: ONE person within your flat then needs to click on the link below to book a ticket. You will only need ONE ticket for your entire flat. The ticket allows entry for up to a maximum of SIX people
  4. If you are booking for an individual activity: book one ticket for yourself. This will only admit one person for the activity.
  5. 5. Everyone who is taking part in an activity whether with their flat mates or individually will need to read the Terms & Conditions. Due to current social distancing measures, these terms and conditions will be strictly adhered to, to ensure the safety of you, your flatmates and everyone taking part in the Village Activity Zones.

Village Activity Zones Terms & Conditions

The Guild of Students intends to make the Village Activity Zones a safe and fun event for everyone attending.  Here are some important terms and conditions that you will need to pay attention to:

  1. The Guild reserve the right to update or amend these Entry Terms & Conditions as required.
  2. The Guild reserves the right to alter or, in the case of adverse weather conditions, to curtail or cancel the performance.
  3. The Event operates using eTickets only, which are sent to you by email. These must be downloaded to your phone (or similar) device prior to arrival.
  4. All people attending a household activity, must be from the same household
  5. The Event is open to currently registered University of Birmingham students & post-grads only – non-University of Birmingham students are not permitted to attend.
  6. All customers will be required to complete a Track ‘n’ Trace data capture process before entry will be permitted. Failure to do so will result in either non-admittance (without refund) or ejection from the event.
  7. The Guild reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any persons for anti-social or threatening behaviour, actions likely to cause damage or injury, any person causing nuisance to others or failing to comply with the reasonable request of the management, or those that are intoxicated through alcohol or illegal substances. Any refusal to cooperate, or the use of abusive, threatening or discriminatory remarks; including comments relating to weapons or explosives will result in entry being refused.
  8. The Event has a Zero Tolerance approach to issues of race, gender or sexual harassment and will refuse admission, eject, or refer on to further agencies as appropriate. 
  9. All customers must bring adequate face covering (approved for use in England) with them to the Event. These must be worn in the following locations & instances:
    1. When entering and leaving the Event
    2. When using the nearby toilet facilities
    3. When speaking to Event staff
  10. All customers must maintain Physical & Social Distancing at all times in compliance with the current guidelines as applicable in England
    1. 2 metre minimum distancing should be maintained when walking around the site
      Attendees must not socialise outside of their group
  11. All customers must wash their hands and/or use hand sanitiser regularly. Hand sanitising stations will be located around the Venue.
  12. Customers are not permitted to bring any alcohol to the event.
  13. The Guild take no responsibility for lost possessions
  14. Animals are not permitted at the Event.
    1. Registered assistance dogs will be admitted but must be kept under control and on a lead at all times

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