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Uni Packing Tips from your Mentors

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Student Mentors

Results day? Done! Offer? Accepted! Packing? In Progress…

Congratulations on your offer to study at Birmingham! You’ve done it - now you can start prepping for the next part…moving to uni!!! Moving out will give you freedom and independence, but you might be wondering how to pack, what to bring or what it will even be like.

Here’s some handy tips from your Student Mentors to make moving to Brum as smooth as possible:

Bring Two sets of bedding and a clothes horse

From personal experience, bringing two sets of bed covers and a clothes horse are an absolute must. Between socialising and studying, you won’t want to be rushing to wash your bedding set. You also may not want to hang around waiting for a free tumble dryer, so a clothes horse will save you some pennies and the planet!

Sensible shoes and a rucksack

Having a sturdy and comfortable pair of shoes and a good rucksack should be high on the list too. Our campus is very big, and the walk to accommodation can take a while. Save your feet and consider using a rucksack to make transporting books easier. A rucksack is also useful for carrying your weekly food shop!

Make your room homely

Helpful items for your room include extension leads and a nice cosy blanket. Your room is your personal space, so focus on making it comfortable. You can add pictures to spruce it up and help with any homesickness you may feel. Whilst candles and fairy lights are very nice, they are not allowed in any accommodation, so consider buying a reed diffuser instead to make your room smell nice.

Additional storage

Storage space in accommodation is fairly limited so remember to pack light. If you’re heading home over the holidays you can swap your clothes as the seasons change. Focus on packing for autumn/winter first and then you could swap it for spring/summer wear in semester two.

If you are limited on drawer space, you could buy easy-to-assemble plastic drawers. These are handy as they can be easily taken apart for future moves. Additionally, under the bed storage boxes provide even more space and it will make packing and transporting easier.

Bags for life to transport your items

Finally, for a much easier way to transport your belongings (particularly soft items), using bags for life is a great option. They can fit into tighter or awkward spaces in the car, they are easy to carry and then you’ll also have access to sturdy shopping bags for your weekly food shop. They can also be great for transporting washing to and from the laundrette.

We hope you find these tips useful and we look forward to meeting you in September! If you need any advice or support, the Student Mentors are here to support all students living in accommodation, so be sure to get in touch.

Happy Packing!!!