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We’re now in to our 3rd year of the “Your Ideas” system. Last year more ideas were submitted and passed than ever before. We’re always looking for more ways for you to get involved so, this year, we want to make it easier for you have a say on what your Guild of Students stands for.

As a result, the Assessment Group is being replaced by the Guild Policy Development Group (GPDG). This group will have responsibility for developing and amending Guild Policy. It’ll be made up Guild Officers and elected student representatives.

We would advise all students to read the Zone Guildlines before commenting - This can be found here or at the top of each page.

**There are no ideas in this cycle**

2 years ago, we changed the democratic process so that you could have the opportunity to say what the Guild could do you to make sure you get the best from Birmingham. This change has been incredibly successful – last year, more than 2,000 of you voted on 91 ideas, 21 of which passed successfully.

As a result of this changes you asked us for, we have:

  • Increased the range of food available in Joe’s Bar
  • Made it easier for you to pay for train tickets by lobbying to provide for additional ticket machines
  • Worked with the University to make it easier for students to eat and drink in the main library

These changes may improve your day to day University experience – but we want to take it even further. GPDG will help the Guild to ensure its longer term policies remain up to date. Examples include:

  • The Zero Tolerance Policy – which is designed to make sure students and staff  are protected from discrimination and bullying
  • The Ethical Investment Policy – which promotes the use of ethical business practices
  • Other Beliefs and Commitments – which inform what we as community believe in, the causes we support and how we allocate our money to benefit you

“Your Ideas” submissions will still be discussed and voted on in the same way. You can view the schedule for the “Your Ideas” cycles here. If you have an idea to change things, and think the Guild should put it into action, you can do so by completing our online form.

How will the Guild Policy Development Group work?

Here’s how GPDG will work in practice:

  • Policy for discussion will be placed online for all students to view before the meeting
  • Meetings will take place before each cycle of “Your Ideas” – students who submit policy will be able to attend to discuss their proposed policy
  • Members of the group may suggest amendments and pass these back to the proposer
  • Group members may then choose to adopt the policy
  • All of the successful submissions will be placed online
  • Students will have the opportunity to veto the policy. In order for a veto to be successful, it will need to reach a quorum of 0.5% of the student population and pass by a simple majority – exactly the same as other “Your Ideas”
  • Policy that does not receive a veto will be adopted by the Guild of Students for a period of 3 years from the date of its passing

If you have any questions about this, please email:


Voting for Your Ideas is only available for students of the University of Birmingham. If you are a current student, please login via the Guild Website and then return to this page once logged in.

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