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Welcome back to Birmingham!

As a Returner you’re probably pretty familiar with University life, but we know that COVID-19 has caused a lot of confusion - so we’re here to help with that! Whilst you already know you’re way around campus, you’ve had a lot of questions about how life on campus will be different and how you can still connect with your fellow students.

Check out the below info, which will hopefully clear some of this up (we’ll be continuing to update this page as more questions come in)!

It’s a beautiful day in the (Virtual) Neighbourhood!

Your Questions, Answered…

First up, check out our FAQs page where we answer a lot of questions about education, where to access support and how you can get involved with student groups.

Still not answered your questions? Keep on reading for more info:


Yes. The University will be operating a bi-modal approach. This means that lectures will be taking place online and seminars and lab work will be in person. As it stands, this will the case all throughout the academic year but like many other things it will be subject to review alongside Government guidelines.

Learn more.

Check out the Library’s recent update for info on how to book.


UB Sport are doing their best to get sports back on campus asap! This is likely to look a little different to previous years, as social distancing measures will need to be put in place, but UB Sport are working tirelessly to create a timetable for the return of sport.

UB Sport are considering what events will be possible for term one. Your safety is priority, so it’s likely that events will be outside, so social distancing measures can be observed.


Yes you can! The Fair is open to anyone with a Uni email address, so all students are welcome. Join us from 21st September to meet lots of local and national brands AND grab some fab discounts!

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Most events will be online, but we do have some fantastic in-person opportunities in the pipeline - so watch this space!

They will! Student Groups are not letting lockdown stop them from hosting an array of virtual activities.