Volunteering applications for ValeFest 2015!
17th March 9am - 6th May 5pm
The Vale Village. Church Road, Birmingham, B15 3SX
Applications for stewards at UOB's very own festival are now open. ValeFest 2015 will take place on 6th June to celebrate the end of exams, so apply now before all the places are gone! 1½ hour shift = half-price ticket, 3 hour shift = free tic
Community Week Finale
27th March 7am - 7pm
You are all invited to come to the Guild of Students where we will be running our very own Street Food festival with fairground rides and music.
Econsoc Easter Ball
27th March 7:30pm - 11:59pm
ICC, Birmingham City Centre
Econsoc's Easter Ball at the ICC, an event not to be missed by any member of the society
27th March 8:30pm - 3am
The Park Bench, Pritchatt's Park
Fab N Friday
27th March 10pm - 4am
Guild of Students
Fab N Fresh
Escape and Evade
28th March midnight - 30th March midnight
60 hours. No Money. No Limits. Where will you go? Info meeting Thursday March 12th in the Harvey milk room at the Guild.


Your Sabbatical Officer Team

Poppy Wilkinson (President)

Hi im Poppy.

Wadim Wesolek Vice President (Activities and Development)

Hi im Wadim.

Bethan Dovey Vice President (Democracy, Resources and Sustainability)

Hi im Bethan.

Joe Armer Vice President (Education)

Hi im Joe.

Jack Mably Vice President (Housing and Community)

Hi im Jack.

Molly Browne Vice President (Sport and Nutrition)

Hi im Mollyy.

Frankie Greenwell Vice President (Welfare)

Hi im Frankie.

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