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Freshers' Fest 2014

Part of Welcome Week, Freshers' Fest is our evening entertainment package and includes up to ten of the best student events. 

Freshers’ Fest is designed to make sure you get the most out of your first weeks in Birmingham.

Freshers’ Fest events take place during the first two weeks of term and offer excellent value for money and the chance to have fun, meet people and make new friends. 

The package also guarantees priority entry and admission - despite it being the busiest time of year!

There are two different types of Freshers’ Fest package:

(1) Freshers’ Fest (standard)

(2) Freshers’ Fest Plus (which includes the standard package and entrance to additional events which include the Freshers’ Ball, Body Paint Party and the Freshers Fest Finale)


You can also buy Freshers’ Ball tickets individually.

Welocme Week 2014 presents Freshers' Fest Plus 14
Welocme Week 2014 presents Freshers' Ball 14