Enhanced Transcript

At graduation, all students receive an academic transcript. A transcript is a summary of a student's academic performance and progress to date. It lists the modules taken during each academic year, and the marks obtained in each module.

From July 2016 students at the University of Birmingham have had the opportunity to receive an Enhanced Transcript which students will receive at graduation together with their certificate that will include not only details of academic achievement, but also a range of extracurricular activities undertaken whilst at University.

The Guild activities currently eligible for recognition on the Enhanced Transcript are:

  • Student Group Committee Members
  • Student Staff
  • Student Reps
  • Global Buddies
  • Full-time and Part-time Officers
  • Trustees

Further information about the Enhanced Transcript, including information on non-Guild related activities, can be found here

To receive Guild activity on your Enhanced Transcript, you will need to opt in for us to be able to share your data with the University’s transcript team.

Claims for 2017/18 are currently being verified, before being submitted to the University in early June.

If you did not complete the opt-in survey for Guild activities please email us.

For any queries please contact Olivia at skills@guild.bham.ac.uk


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