Not On

The #NotOn Campaign

The Guild of Students and the University of Birmingham believe that sexual harassment is not acceptable.Together, we are committed to tackling sexual harassment and believe staff and students have the right to live and study in a safe and supportive environment.

We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming community that is free from harassment.

Sexual harassment comes in many forms. It can be physical, emotional, and verbal – anything that makes another person feel uncomfortable or intimidated. Examples of sexual harassment include:

Unwanted Groping

Wolf whistling

Inappropriate sexual comments

Uninvited kisses and/or bodily contact


Sexually based insults, jokes, songs or taunts

We believe that you should never have to put up with sexual harassment. You should never be made to feel uncomfortable by another individual.

Whether this occurs in bars, on campus, on public transport or online, and by whomever - people you know or complete strangers, we say that this is NOT ON.

Sexual harassment is not on, not in our community and not on our campus.

What is the Not On campaign?

Supported by Guild Advice, and part funded by the University, 5 Student Not On Ambassadors have created three, one hour workshops which are currently being delivered via Zoom:

Consent Workshop

This workshop looks at consent in relation to sexual harassment, showing students how to identify sexual harassment, the impact it has and how to look after themselves and their friends on a night out, promoting safe bystander intervention.

Healthy Relationships Workshop

This workshop introduces the concept of consent and healthy and unhealthy behaviours in everyday relationships, from friendships, family relationships and romantic relationships.  This workshop may be suitable for those that wish to discuss non sexual relationships, or as a precursor to the Consent Workshop.

LGBTQ+ Workshop

This workshop aims to raise awareness of the issues faced in the LGBTQ+ community in relation to relationships, sex and abusive behaviours.  This workshop can also be delivered as a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

All attendees will be able to obtain 5 PSA points.

If you are interested in attending a workshop or have further questions about Not On please click here to send the team a message. (

The ambassadors also run a variety of awareness raising events throughout the academic year. Please follow the Ambassadors on Facebook.

Sign The Pledge!

By signing our pledge you are saying that you stand with us in saying sexual harassment of any kind is not acceptable.

We are all responsible for creating an inclusive and welcoming campus. Students, staff and visitors have the right to study, work, live and socialise, in a safe and supportive place.

We have the power and the right to say sexual harassment is Not On! We can learn how to safely challenge the behaviours around us and educate ourselves on the experiences of others.

Signing the pledge is a positive action that demonstrates your commitment to make the campus and wider areas feel safer for all.

I pledge:

  • To take safe action to prevent sexual harassment, and to support others to do so too
  • To not tolerate, condone or ignore sexual harassment of any kind. I will challenge sexual harassment
  • To educate myself and others about sexual harassment – to learn what it is, how it makes people feel and why it’s Not On

You can learn how to safely and effectively do all the above by attending a Not On Workshop.

At Birmingham, we say sexual harassment is Not On!

Not On Pledge

To pledge your support for our Not On campaign, register your details below by pressing Start:

Experiencing Sexual Harassment

If you experience sexual harassment we can provide you with the help, advice and guidance you need.

Guild Advice provides provide free, impartial and confidential information and advice, you can contact them here (

The University’s Harassment Advice Service is free, confidential and open to anyone, staff or student, who wants to talk about harassment. 

To find out more about the University of Birmingham’s full range of support services and resources, visit the Support for Students website

Reporting Sexual Assault

“You report, we support”

The University of Birmingham is committed to ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all students and to responding appropriately to any incidents of sexual assault. As part of our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our students the University has introduced an on-line reporting tool. This reporting tool has been designed specifically for students who have been sexually assaulted. Support and advice will be available to any student that reports an incident of sexual assault.

You can access the reporting tool here.

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