Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

We’re so excited that our brand new strategic plan has launched.

Within our Strategic Plan, we set out the activities your Guild will deliver over the next five years that will provide opportunities for student engagement and participation, academic representation and which will work to build and support strong student communities and peer to peer activity.

Our Mission

As a charity and the students' union for over 38,000 students, we're here to make sure students get a distinctive and best-in-class student experience

Our Values

Our values, which filter into every corner of Guild activity are:

Inclusive | Representative | Supportive | Fun

Strategic Aims

Engagement & Participation

What we will do: increase student engagement, participation and diversity across all activities


What we will do: be experts on Birmingham students, representing them on the issues that matter most

Community & Support

What we will do: have an intrinsic culture of support that enables students to thrive

The Enablers

In order to achieve our strategic aims and provide a more stable environment for the Guild to operate within, there are a number of critical enabling actions:

Supportive Partnerships & Relationships

Sound Financial Footing

Investment in Infrastructure


People & Culture

Communications & Branding


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