Recruitment Policy

This policy applies to the recruitment and selection of all staff to the Guild of Students.

Job Description and Person Specification

The above documents will be sent to applicants responding to advertisements, together with an application form and other relevant information to the post.

All applications will be handled by the HR and Admin Department and will be made on the Guild's application form unless specified differently with approval from the Chief Executive and HR and Admin Department.

All applicants will be invited to complete an Equal Opportunities form. Applicants will be informed that their application will be in no way prejudiced should they decline to complete this form however successful applicants may be asked certain questions to aid the recording of recruitment statistics.

All applications will be made anonymous during the selection process until interview to ensure that the shortlisting panel base decisions purely on ability with regards to the person specification.

Applicants will not normally be informed if they have not been shortlisted for interview (except in the case of internal applicants who will be informed as soon as practicable). The candidate letter will state that if applicants have not heard anything within six weeks of the closing date they should assume that they are not being considered for the post.

All application forms and supporting information will be held for a period of six months.

All data and personal information will be held in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Normally, applications received after the closing date will not be considered. Late applications may be considered under particular circumstances at the HR and Admin Managers discretion.

Shortlisting criteria will be devised, based on the following principles:

  • They must be based on the job description and person specification
  • They must be capable of assessment by considering the application documents
  • They must not be based on generalised assumptions, traditions or stereotypes.

A record of shortlisting criteria will be kept for a period of six months after the appointment is made.

Prior to interview candidates referees will be contacted to provide a reference about the candidate using the Guilds reference request form. The interview panel will be provided with these within their interview packs.

The HR and Admin Department will invite shortlisted applicants for interview. The invitation will give details of interview times, procedures and other information relating to the day’s arrangements.

A member of the Guild will meet candidates, prior to the interview and outline the day’s arrangements, and, if appropriate, provide a tour of the building including the area of work for the post.

Each candidate will be asked the same questions to be decided by the panel before the interview starts. As a general rule interviews should not last longer than 45 minutes and contain no more than six to eight questions.

Supplementary questions may be asked which are relevant to the original question. Questions will not be asked about marital status, marriage plans or family intentions.

Questions will not be asked about Trade Union membership or activities unless relevant to the post.

Practical Exercises

Where appropriate practical exercises and activities may be part of the interview process. These may take the form of:

  • Prepared presentations before the interview
  • Time allocated during the interview day to prepare presentations
  • Observed individual tasks
  • Observed group tasks with other candidates
  • Written assignments, tests and real case scenarios

Exercise will be scored and recorded via exercise assessment sheets with relevant criteria and will be linked to the personal specification and an appropriate skill observation list.

The Chair of the Interview Panel will inform the HR department of the successful candidate and will contact the candidate to offer them the post. The successful candidate will be issued with a full copy of the terms and conditions within 1 week of commencing the position as part of their induction.

Unsuccessful Candidates

The Chair of the panel will inform unsuccessful candidates that they are not to be offered the post and given the opportunity of verbal and written feedback at a time convenient to them. This will be followed by a letter from the HR Department.

Unsuccessful candidates will also be asked to feedback on the interview process if they so wish to do so.

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