Save A Society

Save A Society

Want to help the survival of some of our student groups?

Why not take a look at the list of societies below, who need your help to continue.  These could be smaller societies who have failed to elect students onto their committees, or student groups who need members in order to stay as an affiliated group.

If you fancy joining any one of these groups as either a member, or as a member of the committee, please let our Student Groups Team know and they'll be happy to help you.

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Societies Who Need Saving

  • Save A Society Groups - Animal Welfare Society

    Animal Welfare work to raise awareness and fundraise for animal charities, and create a social space for those interested and passionate about animal welfare.

  • Save A Society Groups - Beer Pong Society

    Beer Pong is a society bringing together students who enjoy socialising and playing Beer Pong.

  • Save A Society Groups - Birmingham Students for Choice

    Students for choice aims to fundraise, educate, campaign and talk about issues relating to abortion, bodily autonomy and reproductive health in an inclusive, friendly environment.

  • Save A Society Groups - Clinical Pharmacology Society

    Clinical Pharmacology hosts seminars and conferences on the latest research and topics in the field of clinical pharmacology, and promotes a social environment for those interested and studying in the

  • Save A Society Groups - Czech & Slovak

    Czech and Slovak aims to celebrate Czech and Slovak history, traditions and culture.

  • Save A Society Groups - Dancing Street Society

    Dancing Street aims to bring together students who are interested in street dance and run lessons and socials.

  • Save A Society Groups - Emirati

    Emirati aims to bridge the gap between the UAE and UK and promote the exchange of culture, as well as give Emirati students the space to socialise with other students from the UAE.

  • Save A Society Groups - Energy

    Birmingham Energy Society engages students with all things Energy. Our aim is to discuss all aspects of the energy sector, from markets and policy to technology and sustainability

  • Save A Society Groups - Friends of Birmingham Children’s Hospital

    Friends of Birmingham Children’s Hospital is a group that works with the Birmingham Children’s Hospital to help the young patients feel as comfortable as possible during their stay at the hospital.

  • Save A Society Groups - Gin

    Bringing people together over a love of gin!

  • Save A Society Groups - Gluten Free Society

    Gluten Free works to connect those with gluten allergies and intolerance to support and socialise with each other.

  • Save A Society Groups - Growing In Faith & Truth

    GIFT is a Christian fellowship intending to reach out to students of all cultures and backgrounds; spread the Word; build our faith in community and establish our love in Christ.

  • Save A Society Groups - Human Resources Society

    Human Resources works to promote HR as a profession by facilitating networking opportunities, lectures and social events.

  • Save A Society Groups - Indian Medical Society

    MedSoc Indian Society works to connect Indian Medsoc students through events celebrating Indian culture and academic learning.

  • Save A Society Groups - Internal Medicine Society (BIMS)

    Internal Medicine aims to run revision sessions and create social spaces for those studying in the field.

  • Save A Society Groups - Karaoke

    Karaoke aims to create a relaxed, fun space for students to enjoy singing with others.

  • Save A Society Groups - Lebanese Society

    Lebanese works to provide a space for students to socialise and enjoy Lebanese culture.

  • Save A Society Groups - Lithuanian

    Society which celebrates Lithuanian culture, connects people, encourages discussions and is great fun!

  • Save A Society Groups - Med Ahead

    Med Ahead works to foster monitoring relationships across year groups and promote career and research opportunities for Medical students.

  • Save A Society Groups - Pathology Society (PathSoc)

    Pathology aims to educate students about careers in the field, as well as bring together students studying topics within pathology.

  • Save A Society Groups - Potter Tea Society

    Potter Tea meets weekly for pottery painting and tea in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment.

  • Save A Society Groups - Reclaim Society

    Reclaim Campus UoB, is a student society, aiming to lobby and work with the University, The Guild of Students and others, in order to make our campus and surrounding areas safer for all students.

  • Save A Society Groups - Self Defence for women and non-binary people

    UoB Self Defence for Women and Non Binary People aims to provide an inclusive, friendly environment to explore and learn self-defence.

  • Save A Society Groups - Shakespeare

    A place to enjoy Shakespeare's work with fellow enthusiasts.

  • Save A Society Groups - Shrek Society

    Shrek works to create a social space for those with an appreciation of the Shrek films and affiliated spin offs.

  • Save A Society Groups - Skydiving

    Skydiving aims to introduce students to the sport of skydiving, providing exciting experiences and developing new skills.

  • Save A Society Groups - Spanish

    Spanish aims to provide a welcoming environment to socialise and explore the Spanish culture.

  • Save A Society Groups - SPEX

    The SPEX society adds a social dimension to the SPECS, SES and AGMS courses. Offering sports teams, social events and guidance throughout the year.

  • Save A Society Groups - The Autism Play Project

    The Autism Play Project run a weekly play scheme for autistic children, giving the children space to play and improve their social skills. It is a chance for children with autism to have fun.

  • Save A Society Groups - The End Time Mission

    The End Time Mission is a student faith-based fellowship founded by Dikanna Etiaba (Author, Musician and Speaker).

  • Save A Society Groups - University of Birmingham Rock Society

    Rock Society provides a friendly atmosphere for lovers of any and all kinds of rock music; whether it's metal, punk, classic rock, indie or anything in between.

  • Save A Society Groups - Vietnamese

    A group for anyone with links to Vietnam or interested in the culture, it's open to all


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