Student Reps

Student Reps and Postgraduate Research (PGR) Reps are current students and researchers at Birmingham, who work to collect and act on your feedback. They represent your academic interests to the University, and work both with the Guild and the University to improve your academic experience.

You can contact your Rep with feedback about your course or your University experience. Individual complaints and personal issues should be directed to Guild Advice.

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What DoReps Do?

Rep System

  • Students approach their relevant rep with any issues or concerns
  • Reps take this feedback to the relevant forum (i.e. The Student Support Forum)
  • Reps and staff come together to form ideas on how this problem or piece of feedback can be acted upon and resolved.
  • Once agreed by relevant parties, reps can go back to the student with their feedback/recommendations which supports student with their query.

It is important to note that information can flow both ways, and information from wider committees, such as Senate, may be fed back through College/School committees and Student Staff Forums.

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Becoming A Rep

Becoming a Rep is such a valuable opportunity where you’ll be volunteering yourself to support students and researchers who may be facing difficulties on their courses. Student Reps meet with their cohorts regularly to discuss any queries, comments or feedback. To learn all about the various roles on offer visit our ‘Become a Student Rep’ page and read the various role descriptions.

Become A Rep

You can also email our Student Reps Team if you have any questions.

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