Student Groups - Get Involved

Why join a group?

Here at the Guild of Students, we support over 300 incredible student groups, societies and associations!

Whether you're interested in activities and games, academic assistance, campaigning, volunteering, food & drink, religious beliefs, music, performance or media, there's bound to be something that will appeal to you - and if there isn’t, we can give you the help you need to set up a group that matters to you.

Being a student group at the Guild has many benefits. As a group, you have access to free room bookings, resources (a bank account, website, and email address), publicity, links to 300 other groups, and of course staff support from the Student groups team! Beyond resources, you’ll gain invaluable experience in team work, event planning, and leadership skills. This can all count towards the PSA Award, your Enhanced Transcript…and maybe you’ll even win a Guild Award along the way!

Whatever the most important thing in your life is, joining a student group is an amazing way to try something new, make some incredible friends, explore your favourite activities, pick up some handy skills and discover what you love whilst you’re on campus. You might just find the thing – or the people – that define your time at University or even transform your life!

  • A Cappella

    The University of Birmingham's A Cappella society, which offers workshops, socials, and performance opportunities to all members throughout the year.

  • A2B Society

    University of Birmingham Association of British and Chinese University Students (UoB ABACUS).

  • Accounting

    The Accounting and Finance Society is both an academic and social group that aims to bring together those who have an interest in the subject.

  • Adventist

    Join a group who are passionate about Jesus and look forward to seeing Him come soon!

  • Afghan

    A society welcoming all those interested in Afghan culture and cultural events.

  • African & Caribbean

    The University of Birmingham African Caribbean Society aims to promote diversity, unity and culture by putting on events that educate, reflect and empower our proud members.

  • African Business

    Discussing business and entrepreneurship in Africa for university students. To provide a better understanding of business in Africa and develop sustainable solutions to existing problems.

  • African Development Forum

    The African Development Forum is a Society that specialises in articulating various topics based on African/International Development.

  • Afro-Dance

    Vibrant, dynamic group steeped in culture and diversity.

  • Afropology

    The departmental society for Anthropology and African studies. All students in DASA are advised to join for course related activities. However students from other courses are warmly welcomed.

  • Agape

    We are a community of people who want to hang out together and explore some of the big questions about life, God and the things that matter to you! We are run by Christians but are for everyone.

  • Ahlul Bayt

    The AhlulBayt Islamic Society seeks to emulate the teachings of unique individuals who were sent as a mercy to all of mankind, across all our campaigns and events!

  • Ahmadiyya Muslim

    The Ahmadiyya Muslim Society is a group set up by members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, with the intention of holding interfaith dialogues and discussions on contemporary and religious topics.


    A new group started in 2018

  • Airsoft & Paintball

    Airsoft and Paintball are team combat simulation sports where players shoot at each other with plastic or paint, playing together to capture a flag, defend a fort or just look good doing it!

  • Amnesty International

    Amnesty International is a global movement which campaigns to end human rights abuses. We organise things like protests, publicity stunts, petitions, awareness raising and concerts.

  • Animal Welfare

    Fundraising and awareness raising group supporting animals in need. Being vegetarian or vegan is not required for membership.

  • Anime & Manga

    This society aims to bring together everyone who is interested in Anime and Manga. Whether you're a hardened otaku, or just curious about anime, you're more than welcome to join us!

  • Arab

    The main objective of this society is to introduce the rich Arab culture and remove any existing stereotypical views with regards to Arabs, along with organising activities with unique atmosphere.

  • Archaeology

    University of Birmingham Archaeology Society for students and enthusiasts!

  • Art

    Welcome to the University of Birmingham Art Society! We are here to offer a relaxed atmosphere where all UoB students have the chance to express their creativity!

  • Article 19

    Article19 are Birmingham's longest-running drama student group, running two high quality and relevant productions a term, showcase events and workshops in ensemble work and technical skills.


    The ASEAN Society seeks to promote greater career and networking opportunities for those interested in a career in ASEAN. We also seek to introduce the ASEAN culture at the University

  • Aspiring Solicitors

    A group committed to helping you achieve your legal aspirations through embracing your differences

  • Assassin’s Guild
  • Astrosoc

    A society for all students interested in astronomy, space, and observing the night sky. Come and use our telescopes!

  • Atheists, Secular & Humanist

    A group for anyone that is interested in secular ideas, or consider themselves an atheist, agnostic, humanist or just non-religious.

  • Autism Society

    Autism Society is a society which runs social activities aimed at students who have Autism. Activities include general social meets, board games, other indoor activities & trips out.

  • Azerbaijani

    Our mission is to involve all students here at UoB and contribute in cultural exchange!


    A group for students in the department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Birmingham.

  • Bad Film

    A society for the communal watching and enjoyment of critically panned movies, forever failing upwards, hoping for the best.

  • Baking

    This society is designed for all who love baking, are keen to learn, or for those who simply love to eat! We provide the recipe, ingredients and equipment then you get to bake and take home (or eat!)


    Our classes cater for all abilities whether you are already a master of Ballroom and Latin or a self-confessed owner of two left feet, our dancers and teachers are here to help you!

  • Battle re-enactment

    Battle re-enactment is for anyone who is interested in learning how to fight like a medieval warrior. We travel to battle re-enactments, living history shows and trade fairs nationwide!

  • Beat

    We are a campaigning and fundraising society for Beat - the UK's largest eating disorder charity. We are doing all we can on campus to help Beat end the war and suffering caused by eating disorders.

  • BEDsoc

    Birmingham English Department Society

  • Behind the scenes Society
  • BeKind

    We are a charity group that focuses on educating young children on the value of kindness and charity work to increase their social awareness and responsibility.

  • BellSoc

    The group for anyone interested in ringing church bells, whether you’ve done it before or not.

  • BEMA

    BEMA represents Black & Minority Ethnic groups at the University on welfare, social and political needs and interests. We provide a safe space for self-empowerment and discussion.

  • Benchball

    A society for playing Benchball, a sport akin to netball but with teammates on benches in place of hoops, in a recreational and relaxed environment.

  • Benelux

    THE society for Belgian - Dutch - Luxembourgish enthusiasts! No need to be from these countries, an interest is all you need! Come join us for evenings full waffles, beer and traditional celebrations!

  • Bengali

    We are a society set-up in response to a recognition by students of the need to promote and inspire the younger local Bengali generation and bring together Bengali students at our university.

  • Beyond My Ethnicity

    A free e-magazine which will tackle and address the cultural and ethnic bias that persists at university by breaking down the cultural barriers that exist between students.

  • Bhangra

    The group for anyone interested in Bhangra dancing – whether you’re a complete beginner or an expert!

  • Bharat Parivar

    Bharat Parivar (Indian Family)

  • BioSoc

    Biosciences Departmental Society.

  • BirdSoc
  • Birmingham Students for Choice

    Giving a voice to choice on the UoB campus!

  • Birmingham Students for Life
  • Bloodsoc

    For people interested in promoting blood donation and raising awareness of related issues

  • Bodybuilding

    This is a group for those who desire to increase their confidence by building muscle and/or losing fat along with finding new friends/gym buddies.

  • Book group

    The Book Club meets twice monthly to discuss some great books and their films.

  • Bootcamp
  • Bowling

    We welcome players from all abilities, whether you want to bowl socially with friends, or go on to compete in tournaments. We bowl at Hollywood Bowl Five Ways, about 20 minutes walk from Vale Village.

  • Break Dancing

    Welcome to the University of Birmingham Breakdance Society. Whether you have been breakdancing for years, or are a complete beginner, the Birmingham Breakdance Society welcomes all.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness

    We are CoppaFeel!'s Uni Boob Team and spread Breast Cancer Awareness all over campus and Birmingham!

  • Bright Futures

    A society that aims to to improve student employability

  • British Red Cross on campus

    A small and friendly society that aim to, by raising money and awareness, to help the British Red Cross in their work providing impartial aid to help stop human suffering wherever it may be found.

  • Brum Dine With Me

    Like the similarly-named TV show, members get together in small groups to host dinner parties for each other.

  • Brumscape

    BrumScape is the University of Birmingham’s, and the UK’s first Old School RuneScape Society.

  • Brumski & Board

    A ski and snowboarding club that is the University of Birmingham's biggest society; with over 700 members constantly tearing up the dry slopes of the UK and the pistes of the Alps.

  • Brumsurf

    Brumsurf is open to everyone, whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. We organise regular trips to the UK coastline, Christmas & Summer trips abroad as well as weekly socials.

  • Buddhist

    Everyone is welcome to come to our completely free meditation sessions!

  • Buddy a Granny

    We are a volunteering project visiting St. Stephen's Day Centre and Bournbrook Manor Residential Home every week. Both are in Selly Oak, within 10 minutes walking distance from the Uni.

  • BUDS

    Hello and welcome to the Birmingham University Dance Society. BUDS offers dance classes of all levels to students of the University during term time, all week, every week.

  • Bulgarian

    Cultural Events, Cooking Nights, Movie Nights, Socials and more

  • Burn

    Live every weekday from 9am and weekends from 10am, Burn FM is the University of Birmingham's official student radio station. Covering all of the latest news, sports and music. Tune in or burn out!

  • Business

    The Business Society is open to all students with an interest in business, no matter what subject you study! This year we are sponsored by consultancy firm Accenture.

  • Calligraphy

    A new group established in 2018

  • Cameroon Catalyst

    Cameroon Catalyst is an international development charity which brings together students, engineers and specialists who lend their expertise to help facilitate sustainable development in Cameroon

  • Canadian Society
  • Caribbean Union

    A society created to celebrate the cultures of the Caribbean and reconnect the diaspora with their heritage.

  • Carnival RAG

    Established in 1880, Carnival RAG (Raising and Giving) is the largest student-led fundraising society at University of Birmingham, raising money for charity through exciting and innovative events!

  • Catholic

    CathSoc is for all Catholics at The University of Birmingham and all those interested in our faith. The recipient of the Highly Commended Award for Outstanding Society 2019 - come and join us!

  • Chasing Zero

    Raising awareness of HIV and fundraising to save lives affected by AIDS

  • Chess

    For anyone interested in chess, either recreationally or competitively, everyone welcome regardless of level of experience. We meet Monday nights 7-9:30 Email us or follow are Facebook for more detail


    A fundraising society supporting the charity which aims to increase child equality.

  • Chinese

    The Official Chinese Society in the University of Birmingham. We help promote Chinese culture and organize Chinese style events. We are very open to Western culture and would love organize events...

  • Chinese Christians

    A group for Chinese Christians

  • Christians In Science

    A group for anyone interested in discussing issues relating to faith and science, in a friendly and relaxed environment.

  • Churchcentral

    Churchcentral is a group which represents students from churchcentral, a growing church in central Birmingham that is focused on Jesus.

  • Circus

    Ever wanted to whack out a crazy trick at pre-drinks or are you just awesome? Well Circus society offers you a place to juggle, unicycle, diabolo, poi, hoop, do magic, crazy fire stuff and much more!!

  • CitizenAID

    Be prepared – with citizenAID™ YOU can save lives

  • Civil Engineering

    CivSoc organise socials, industrial events, and a host of sporting opportunities for Civil Engineering students at the University of Birmingham.

  • Climate Action UOB Society
  • Cocktail

    Our events aim to teach people how to make different cocktails in a fun and friendly environment.

  • Cognitive Science

    The Cognitive Science Society provides a platform for ongoing discussions in cognitive science.

  • Commercial Awareness

    A UoB student society seeking to enhance the commercial awareness skills of its members.

  • Common Stance

    Raising awareness of campaigns surrounding minority rights and community cohesion by bringing together students and the public of all political beliefs and none.

  • Community Challenge

    We run one off volunteering projects in and around the Birmingham area supporting the local community whilst providing a range of volunteering opportunities.

  • Commuter Students Association

    The HSA aims to voice the needs of the less catered for Home Students. We wish to create and lobby the university to change and reform to suit our needs too.

  • Computer & Videogames

    The Computer & Videogames society (CVG) meets in the Guild twice a week to play a variety of games, on both PC and consoles, giving a place for students who love gaming a place to interact.

  • Conservation Volunteers

    Volunteer to work on conservation projects around Birmingham, with activities such as woodland management, tree-planting, hedge-laying and habitat creation: get out in the fresh air & enjoy nature

  • Conservatives

    We are a political society aimed at promoting centre-right values. Our society is for supporters of the Conservative Party or for anyone wanting to discuss their policies.

  • Consulting

    Birmingham Consulting Group, for anyone interested in a career in consultancy or more general professional services.

  • Craft

    We meet every Wednesday from 1-2:45pm for a different craft session. We've done: decopatch, cross-stitch, knitting, air drying clay, candle-making and much more! Membership is only £5 for the year

  • Criminology

    Are you interested in crime and criminology and want to meet like-minded people? Join UOB’s first ever Criminology society!

  • Croquet

    To facilitate and encourage the playing of croquet in all its forms among all groups within the student and staff body of the University of Birmingham.

  • Cryptocurrency & FinTech

    A new group established in 2018

  • CSS

    Computer Science Society aims to provide a wide range of social events to suit everybody, to allow you to take time off from studying and relax in a friendly atmosphere with other students.

  • Czech & Slovak

    The Czech and Slovak society is here for all students who enjoy or would like to explore a unique Czech and Slovakian culture and get to know people with similar interests.


    DAMSA is a liberation association which provides representation and support for all students who identify as having a disability, mental health condition, learning difficulty or chronic illness!

  • DCL

    Dance Club Latino (DCL) is a very active society, teaching predominantly Salsa classes each Monday evening during term-time! Learn to dance in a fun, energetic and sociable way!

  • Debating

    We run weekly workshops and socials, host public debates with exceptional speakers, and attend national and international competitions every weekend. Join our Facebook group to find out more.

  • Deeper Life

    A dynamic student group focused on enhancing your spiritual, social, academic and career experience so you can achieve holistic development, social relevance and professional fulfillment.

  • Dental Society
  • Devil’s Advocate Society

    The Devil's Advocate Society hosts regular informal, roundtable discussions and debates on a wide variety of issues that its members are interested in.

  • Disney
  • Doctor Who

    The UoB Doctor Who Society (DocSoc) aims to provide everyone at the university a chance to discuss, watch and enjoy Doctor Who with other likeminded people with meetings every Tuesday during term time

  • Drag

    Drag has become such an integrated topic in mainstream culture, it seems only right to have a group that allows the wider community to gain understanding and share their love for the art of drag

  • Drone

    A society for people to learn how to build, program and fly drones Group is currently dormant - get in touch if you want to take it over

  • East African

    To bring east Africans together, to have a home away from home for East African students and for those with an interest on East African culture

  • East Detective

    Evereyone could be a detective

  • Ecce Homo Society

    We publish a magazine about humanity - contributors can write on any topic from arts to sciences to the humanities themselves!

  • EconSoc

    Birmingham's Economics Society (EconSoc) is a departmental student society, organising academic, career and social and sporting events throughout the year.

  • Education

    Education Society is for absolutely everyone, whether you are studying education or are simply interested in it! We have some great socials and academic events lined up for this year so join today!

  • EESE

    For students and staff in the Department of EESE (Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering). Our society brings students together in the department from all years (Undergrad and Postgrad).

  • Egyptian

    A place where Egyptians can feel at home.

  • ELAL (English Language and Linguistics)
  • ELSA

    Get involved in ELSA, the largest independent law students' association.

  • Enactus

    Enactus creates social enterprise projects which impact our local society and beyond.

  • Energy

    Birmingham Energy Society engages students with all things Energy. Our aim is to discuss all aspects of the energy sector, from markets and policy to technology and sustainability

  • Engineers Without Borders

    Our mission is to facilitate human development through engineering. EWB offer the opportunity to debate, get hands-on skills, take part in outreach events, travel on placements abroad and much more.

  • Esports

    The group for esports enthusiasts. We range from casual players looking to make friends to teams competing in University leagues and other tournaments.

  • Eurovision

    Eurovision society is a new society that celebrates the Eurovision song contest! Join us for more than just the main screening!

  • Fashion

    We are the University of Birmingham's Fashion Society! We aim to promote recycled clothing, to make high street fashion affordable, to bring like minded people together and have fun in the process!

  • Filipino

    This society aims to bring together students with a Filipino background and other nationalities interested in the Filipino culture, through Filipino food, language, music, social events and more.

  • Filmsoc

    A group for all lovers of film. Our society has regular film nights, occasional trips to the cinemas and quizzes.

  • First Aid Society - SJA LINKS

    We are linked to St John Ambulance (SJA), providing members with opportunities to give voluntary first aid cover at small and large public events, fundraise for SJA and generally learn first aid!

  • First Love

    First Love are a vibrant and energetic group of young people, full of first love for the Lord. We believe it is imperative for every young person to know that Jesus died for them.

  • Folk

    A friendly and exciting society for anyone interested in folk, traditional, and acoustic music. We hold weekly sessions on Wednesdays 8-10pm, usually in th Pankhurst room.

  • Footnotes Comedy

    We are a Guild award winning society, and run stand-up nights, weekly comedy writer's meetings and put on a variety of sketch shows and comedy plays every term.

  • Franco-African

    The UoB Fasoc - for all Franco-African students who would like to find a French-speaking nest in a dynamic English-speaking environment and also discover the african culture. Come and have fun. Merci!

  • Francophile

    The French society at UoB for French natives, Francophones and everyone interested in France, its culture and language.

  • Freedom from Torture

    Freedom From Torture helps rehabilitate refugees in the UK who are victims of torture. The society helps through fundraising and raising awareness.

  • Friends International
  • Friends of Cancer Research UK
  • Friends of Irise

    We aim to organise events and raise funds to send back to Irise International. These funds in turn will be used to support the work that they conduct within developing countries.

  • Friends of MSF
  • Game of Thrones

    GOT SOC is an appreciation society for A Song of Ice and Fire and seasons 1 to 7 of Game of Thrones. We host loosely themed GOT events, play official and made up GOT games and watch The Chase.

  • Games Development

    Games Development Society welcome everyone with an interest in Art, Programming, Music, Design, and any other aspect of games development. You don't need to know anything just be willing to learn...

  • German

    Hallo! We welcome anyone studying German, native speakers or anyone who is interested in German culture! Join us for a wide variety of events and trips throughout the year!

  • Ghanaian

    A new group established in 2018

  • Gilbert and Sullivan

    We are the University of Birmingham's comic opera society, and whether you are a singer, an orchestral musician, or interested in other aspects of production you are welcome to join us!

  • Gin

    Bringing people together over a love of gin!

  • Girl Up
  • Global Goals

    17 goals to change our world. Think global, act local.

  • Gluten Free
  • GMTG

    We offer students the chance to get involved with a wide range of musical theatre-related activities including full-scale musical productions, plus theatre trips, workshops, showcases and socials

  • Gospel Choir
  • Green

    The University of Birmingham Green Students is a local Green Party group on campus, bringing together all members, supporters and friends to campaign and talk about relevant issues.

  • Growing In Faith & Truth

    GIFT is a Christian fellowship intending to reach out to students of all cultures and backgrounds; spread the Word; build our faith in community and establish our love in Christ.

  • Guild TV

    Guild TV is the University's student-run television station. We produce and direct our own programmes, from news and sports to music and entertainment, as well as filming events across campus & be

  • Habesha
  • Hamilton Society
  • Harry Potter

    The UoB Harry Potter Society (pottersoc) is a society dedicated to all things Potter. From hosting film viewings and quizzes, to our own sorting ceremony, we offer a wide range of magical events!

  • Headucate


  • HealthBridge

    Student-led healthcare magazine for students studying UOB healthcare courses: NOW accepting new recruits to join our team, as writers and editors, on a permanent or ad hoc basis! Email or see website

  • Hellenic & Cypriot

    We are a non-profit organisation set up to provide support for all Greek and Cypriot students in and around Birmingham.

  • Help the Homeless

    Our main goal is to spread awareness around the challenges which homeless people face, fundraise for charities and volunteer.

  • Hestia

    The Group will promote academic and professional excellence of the Hellenic community by utilising its shared culture and heritage

  • Hindu

    Welcome to official University of Birmingham Hindu Society page! We are a driven, dynamic society, offering a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the wonderfully rich religion of Hinduism...

  • Hip Hop

    Whether you have a talent on the mic or are just a fan looking to discuss the music with like-minded people, Hip Hop Soc gives people a space to take part in and appreciate all aspects of the culture.

  • History

    A group for everyone who studies history or is just interested in it; meet like-minded people for socials and events!

  • History of Art

    A student group that aims to provide an academic and social support to those with an interest in the History of Art.

  • Hong Kong Cultural

    A new group established in 2018

  • Hong Kong PASS

    Society promoting the culture of Hong Kong and also aiming to build a platform for students to know more about issues happening in Hong Kong and how one can help out.

  • HSE

    A place where you can improve your knowledge, awareness, implementation and be one of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Role Model in daily life basis, every time and everywhere you are

  • Hummus

    A new group established in 2018

  • Hungarian

    Social group for Hungarian students, and students who are interested in the culture.

  • Inclusive Christians

    Society for Anglicans & Methodists at the University of Birmingham

  • Indian

    One of the biggest names on campus with events everyone will be talking about hosting big names, and making university experience one of the best! #SpotThePeacock #UoBIndianSoc

  • Indonesian

    INDOSOC is a society for students who have interest on Indonesian culture. It's established to preserve the precious Indonesian tradition & fulfill the desire of those who wish to know about it

  • Infinity Stage Company

    Infinity Stage Company is a theatre society at the UoB that put on 6 productions a year. All the money raised is donated to charity, this year SIFA Fireside!

  • Insulin Appreciation
  • International Development Society

    An informal student group dedicated to sharing and disseminating knowledge and information about International Development

  • Intervol

    InterVol - Volunteering abroad. Travel, volunteer and experience the world with other students.

  • Investment

    A group for anyone interested in a career in finance, or looking at getting an internship or graduate job

  • Irish

    The Irish Society at the University of Birmingham is for anyone who is Irish, of Irish descent or just interested in Irish culture and heritage.

  • ISA

    Welcome to the International Students' Association! We host events catered to international students from all over the world. Follow us on our social media to keep up to date with upcoming events!

  • Islamic

    Birmingham’s ISOC is one of the largest and most active student Islamic societies in the UK, and provides an excellent opportunity to meet new and existing students, both local and international...

  • Islamic Arts and Heritage
  • Islamic Help on Campus
  • Israel

    A new group established in 2018

  • Italian

    Representing Italian and non-Italian students interested in any aspect of Italy's unique, traditional culture (including food and films).

  • Japan

    Our society offers weekly discussions and tasters of Japanese culture, including cuisine, films and media, karaoke and weekly discussions of Japanese life!

  • Jazz Funk & Soul

    JFS hosts regular live jam sessions and workshops for both music lovers and players. All musical abilities are welcome, with the opportunity for paid gigs and discounts for shows for members.

  • Jewish

    The University of Birmingham Jewish Society is one of the largest and most successful in the country. It is a thriving student-run society organising a wide variety of activities.

  • Kabaddi

    We are a group for anyone that is interested in learning or playing the sport of Kabaddi

  • Karaoke
  • KASE: Knowledge And Skills Exchange

    An inter-professional healthcare society that invites all UoB Healthcare students to educational, social and volunteering events, promoting inter-professional understanding, communications & relat

  • KCover

    K-Pop is a dynamic, unique style of music that places heavy importance on its dance and performance aspects and KCover is a brand new society focused on learning and covering choreography

  • Kickboxing

    Official UoB Kickboxing Society. Males and females, beginners and advanced - you're all welcome! Class times and prices can be found on the Guild Website and our Facebook page!

  • Kiddies Support Scheme (KiSS)

    Striving to enable children and parents to become self-sufficient in Uganda.

  • Kids Adventure

    Kids Adventure run week long, non-residential, action-packed holidays for underprivileged children in the Birmingham area. They run one holiday during the Easter holidays and two over summer, as...

  • Korean

    At the UoB Korean Society, we aim to bring together those with a passion for Korea (Korean culture, language, food and music etc) with regular meetings, socials and events.

  • Krishna Consciousness

    The Krishna Consciousness Society is open to everyone, reaching beyond the boundaries of religion,caste, creed and colour, by establishing the science of the soul.

  • Labour

    Labour Students is the student wing of the Labour Party and is home for all students in further and higher education in the UK.

  • LapSoc
  • LARP

    Providing a live action role-playing (Larp) experiences for students. This entails the players acting as a character that they create in a setting that is provided by the storytellers

  • Latin American

    Networking between Latin American Students within the university

  • Law for Non-Law

    For anyone interested in a legal career who does not study the subject. The society is here to help any student from any year and any department.

  • Lawyers without borders

    The LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) Association aims to represent and support those who consider themselves to have a minority sexual/romantic orientation and/or gender identity.

  • Liberal Arts & Natural Sciences

    A group to provide students on the Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences degree and beyond with opportunities to socialise.

  • Liberal Democrats

    UBLD is the society for anyone who supports the Liberal Democrats or who believes in their views, as outlined in the party's constitution.

  • Life Ambassadors

    A community of Christian students seeking to inspire and equip one another to walk fully in our purpose in God, and to strive for excellence in our academics, careers and socio-spiritual attainments

  • Linguist

    The UoB Linguist Magazine is a free student magazine for Language Learners and Culture Enthusiasts at the University of Birmingham. We aim to unite enthusiasts on all things international!

  • Lithuanian

    Society which celebrates Lithuanian culture, connects people, encourages discussions and is great fun! Everyone is welcome regardless of nationality - all activities are in English!

  • Live Art

    We are a society creating non-traditional performance events. Collaborative and open to ideas, we have space for everyone, regardless of genre, skill or discipline.

  • Live At Home

    A new group established in 2018

  • LUM Soc

    Live Music Society provides an outlet for student bands and solo artists to play gigs in the local area and socialise in a friendly and enthusiastic community of musicians.

  • Magic

    The University of Birmingham Now You See Me Magic Society is a student run society. We provide a platform to share the secret of magic.

  • Make a Wish

    We are a group that fundraises and campaigns on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK Society at the University of Birmingham. We want to raise lots of money for this amazing charity which has...

  • Malayalee

    A forum where students from Kerala (or interested in its culture) can come together hold up our cultural practices and celebrate traditions.

  • Malaysian

    A group that aim to cater for the needs of Malaysian students in the University and anyone interested in learning more about our country Malaysia, a multiracial country with diverse cultures.

  • Marketing

    Welcome to Marketing Society - a group for any student interested in hearing more about the marketing sector. We host workshops, careers events, socials, and an inter-university marketing competition!

  • Marrow

    Every year, thousands of people worldwide with diseases like leukemia reach a stage in their illness where their only hope of survival is a stem cell transplant.

  • Marxist

    Welcome to the University of Birmingham Marxist Society!

  • Mastermind

    Biology gives you a brain, we turn it into a mind. Are you a challenger? Are you fascinated with mind teasers? Our exciting activities include puzzle solving, board games, card games, detective games

  • Match Of The Day

    The society aims to bring together all those who share a passion for football through regular trips to local football clubs at affordable prices, a variety of socials and much more.

  • Mathsoc

    The official society for (but not exclusive to!) Mathematicians at the University of Birmingham. We organise social, educational and career events so you can make the most of university!

  • MDS Postgrads

    A new group established in 2018

  • Mental Health and Well-being

    The Mental Health and Well-Being Society (MHAWBS) is a society for students to connect, talk, support and learn about mental health issues whilst fighting and campaigning for related goals

  • Metal

    Whatever your favorite genre is, Thrash, Death, Power metal or Metalcore, or anything inbetween, you will find your friends here!

  • Microloan Foundation

    A group fundraising and campaigning on behalf of the Microloan Foundation

  • Middle earth

    We are the University of Birmingham Middle-earth Society - a Tolkien appreciation society for anyone interested in works such as The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion.

  • Mixed Martial Arts

    MMA provides fitness and self defence for beginners and experienced martial artists. Training will focus primarily on Boxing, Muay Thai, and BJJ to provide effective striking and grappling training.

  • Modern Languages

    We welcome all students who share a passion for languages, whether or not you study them! We're planning a year of exciting socials, and chances for you to meet people and develop your language skills

  • Modern Pentathlon

    Swimming, Fencing, Horse Riding, Running, Shooting – what’s not to like?

  • Monday Night Club

    Monday Night Club is a social club for adults with a wide range of learning difficulties. We meet in St. Francis Hall (the Chaplaincy) every Monday during term time, and the club is 7 til 9pm....

  • Mooting
  • Mountaineering

    UBMC is a society which offers students the chance to enjoy trad/sport rock climbing, bouldering and mountaineering. They offer an equally impressive social calendar with events running fortnight...

  • Muay Thai Boxing

    For anyone interested in Muay Thai. A practical martial art, good for fitness, fun, sparring and self protection. All levels and abilities welcome, sparring is not compulsory.

  • Navigators

    BirminghamNAVS is a group of university students who seek to integrate following Jesus with student life. We exist to help students develop a deep and life-changing relationship with Christ.

  • Nepalese

    We at the UoB Nepalese Society aim to unite Nepalese students at the University of Birmingham and other Birmingham universities to form a much-needed student community.

  • Nerdsoc

    Everything is interesting! NerdSoc is a place for sharing passions, discussing unusual topics, performing some random acts of kindness, but mostly getting to know like-minded nerds.

  • Neuroscience

    LOVE YOUR BRAIN? WANT TO GET TO KNOW IT MORE? Neuroscience Society is about everything Neuroscience!!

  • Nigerian

    For students from Nigeria, of Nigerian heritage or interested in Nigerian culture

  • Nightline

    Nightline is a confidential, non-judgmental, non-directive listening information service, run by students, for students. They operate every night of term 6pm-8am via phone, email, IM or face-to-face

  • North American Cultural Society

    For American and Canadian Studies students, international students or anyone with a general interest in either country.

  • Northern

    A new student group which aims to promote "Northern Culture" and show that some of the North isn't grim!

  • Nursing Society

    NurseSoc is here to support its student nurses at UoB. It will organise regular socials, fundraising events and much more, providing nursing students with ideal opportunity to meet people and have fun

  • Occult & Paranormal

    A fun and friendly group for anyone interested in the occult or paranormal, even if that interest is just checking your horoscope every month!

  • Omani

    A group for students with an Omani heritage or anyone interested in the culture of Oman.

  • Opera
  • Oriental

    Welcome to the University of Birmingham Oriental Society We will be hosting many social events for everyone to enjoy!

  • oSTEM

    A group to represent and support LGBTQ+ students studying STEM subjects

  • Oxfam Outreach

    Oxfam Outreach aim to support the important works of Oxfam by raising awareness of the charity’s campaigns amongst students. They are passionate about making a real change at ‘grass roots' level

  • Pakistan

    University of Birmingham Pakistani Society has been founded on three fundamental principles: UNITY, POLITICAL AWARENESS and CULTURAL EDUCATION.

  • Panto

    A drama society dedicated to all things Panto (oh yes it is!) Join to get involved with termly pantomime productions, workshops and the coveted yearly trip to the Birmingham Hippodrome Panto!

  • Parkour

    Parkour is the discipline of navigating a complex environment in the most efficient way; we aim to nurture a community in the University of Birmingham for traceurs/traceuses to practice Parkour.

  • Pasta
  • Pentecost Students

    Finding common ground in Jesus Christ


    The Postgraduate and Mature Students Association is a voluntary, student-led group at the University of Birmingham; we are a Guild of Students recognised society.

  • Phab

    We are a volunteering group that provides a space for young adults with and without disabilities to socialise in an inclusive and safe environment

  • Pharmaceutical

    Pills, thrills and methadone spills! Interested in clinical or industrial pharmacy, medicinal chemistry or pharmaceutical medicine? We provide academic, sporting and social events all year long!

  • Philosophy

    A student led society for anyone with an interest in philosophy. Join us to discuss all facets of life and share good times with like-minded deep thinkers from across the university.

  • PhotoSoc

    University of Birmingham's Photographic Society (PhotoSoc) is open to all students of any level of ability or equipment - all you need is an interest in photography!

  • Physiosoc

    A society to create a community among physiotherapy students and provide extra experiences in order to broaden their CV.

  • Planning

    The University of Birmingham Planning Society is a departmental society for anybody with an interest in urban and regional planning or associated disciplines.

  • Poker

    Like Poker? Even if you're just a beginner or haven't played before, come join Poker Society to improve your poker skills and have fun. Facebook: uobpoker Instagram: uob_poker Snapchat: uobpoker

  • Pokesoc

    We are a society at the University of Birmingham dedicated specifically to anything Pokémon!

  • Pole Fitness

    Whether you have any previous pole experience or just up for trying something new, Pole Fitness aims to noticeably improve fitness levels, enhance strength and flexibility for anyone!

  • Polish

    We are a group of Polish students who meet up and do Polish stuff related to culture, cuisine and national identity. You don’t need to be Polish to join us!

  • Politics

    The Politics Society is for anyone interested in or studying politics. We run a mixture of events to make sure you get the most out of politics at the University of Birmingham.

  • Portuguese
  • Powerlifting

    We bring together students interested in powerlifting and getting stronger- competition, training, support, coaching and socials for all abilities.

  • PPE

    A group for people studying Policy, Politics and Economics, or just interested in those subjects - it's open to all.

  • Psychedelics Research

    The Society of Psychedelic Research promotes opinions based on evidential reasoning and inspires collective growth.

  • Psychology

    Welcome to UoB Psychology Society (PSYCHOSOC). Buy your membership now to get access to all our socials and sporting events, as well as extracurricular activities! Don't miss out!

  • Punjabi

    The UoB Punjabi Society is a student led body established to serve students. Our objective is to provide a platform of interaction for all students that are interested in the rich culture of Punjab.

  • Radical Youth
  • Railway

    We are the University of Birmingham Railway Society, or RailSoc for short. We are the society for anyone interested in everything and anything to do with railways.

  • Real Ale & Cider

    The Real Ale & Cider appreciation society organises trips to local venues, breweries and related events

  • Redbrick

    The official multiple award-winning student newspaper of the University of Birmingham, est.1936.

  • Renew

    A new group established in 2018

  • Rock

    Rock Society provides a friendly atmosphere for lovers of any and all kinds of rock music; whether it's metal, punk, classic rock, indie or anything in between.

  • Romanian

    Come meet people with a passion for life, while enjoying Romanian culture, food and music, either if you are a Romanian looking for a gasca or if you are a student who wants to have fun like a slav.

  • Russian-speaking

    Raising awareness about Russian culture, by teaching you its past and debating on its current and future development, give networking opportunities and provides language and travel support

  • Safe Space Society

    The student-led bi-annual science magazine at the University. If you have an interest in journalism or science communication then this is a great opportunity to get experience!

  • Saturday Morning PlayScheme

    Double award winning SMPS caters for children with behavioural problems and learning difficulties. The group organises a whole host of trip and activities for the children every Saturday morning.

  • Saudi

    New Group May 2016 For students from Saudi Arabia, or interested in Arabian culture.

  • Save A Child's Heart

    A society that supports an international humanitarian organisation whose mission is to improve the quality of pediatic care for children from developing countries.

  • Scandi Society

    Scandinavian Society - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland!

  • Scouts & Guides

    Birmingham University Scouts and Guides (BUSAG) meet weekly to take part in all kinds of activities , from visiting interesting places to learning new skills.

  • Selly Oak PlayScheme

    SOPS meet on a Sunday from 11an-1pm, and offer activities to the children aged 3-11 in the local community, promoting good relationships between the University and people from the local area.

  • Sexpression

    Sexpression’s aim is to provide sex education in local secondary schools, promote sexual awareness and to provide a forum for school students to ask any questions about sex and STD’s in confidence.

  • Shakespeare

    A place to enjoy Shakespeare's work with fellow enthusiasts.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    A society for anyone interested in Sherlock Holmes (both original texts and various adaptions) & general mystery solving! Our activities include: games nights, film showings, murder mysteries &

  • ShockSoc
  • Sickle Cell Awareness

    Our primary aims are to raise awareness to the cause and provide support; financial and otherwise. We hope this grows as a community and serves as a platform to successfully reach out and help.

  • Sign Language

    Interested in learning British Sign language? Check out our society which teaches students basic sign language and runs a BSL level 1 course during the year :)

  • Sikh

    The Sikh society supports Sikh students and raises awareness about the concepts of Sikhism. The society aims to educate both Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike, as well as provide sociable opportunities.

  • Silent Film
  • Singaporean

    For students from Singapore or interested in Singaporean culture! From formals to informals, sports to shopping -- you name it, we have it. Come join us today!

  • Skydiving

    Learn how to become a qualified skydiver with the University of Birmingham's fastest, most extreme sport! We jump all year round and meet every week for socials.

  • Sober Socials

    Welcome to the UoB Sober Socials! We host events such as quizzes and games nights every Friday 7-10pm during term time as an alternative to the traditional clubbing student night out.

  • Social Introverts

    Social Introverts aims to create environments for friendships to form, we don’t want any UoB student to ever feel alone.

  • Sociology

    The University of Birmingham Sociology Society. This is a society for anyone studying or interested in Sociology and/or social policy. Join today!

  • Somali

    Providing a platform for Somali students within the University of Birmingham or interested in Somali culture

  • Spanish


  • SPC

    We are the Student Parents and Carers Association, here to champion the needs of students who are parents and carers.

  • Speak Out

    Calling all lovers of poetry and spoken word! We are a group for everyone with an interest in spoken word performances and writing poetry.

  • SPEX

    The SPEX society adds a social dimension to the SPECS, SES and AGMS courses. Offering sports teams, social events and guidance throughout the year.

  • Sports Clubs

    Seperately from the Guild, UBS supports over 50 sports clubs; membership and other facilities are different from those offered by the Guild

  • Sri Lankan
  • St Mary's Hospice

    A group fundraising for, and raising awareness of, St Mary's Hospice in Selly Park

  • Stand Up to Racism
  • STAR

    STAR seeks to make a difference by volunteering with refugees and asylum seekers in Birmingham. We also run campaigns and raise awareness on refugee issues.

  • Startup

    Encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship and the creation of startups at the University of Birmingham

  • Student Exchange

    Student-run society aiming to help study abroad and Erasmus students make the most of their time at Birmingham through regular social events, nights out, cultural activities and trips around the UK

  • Students for Justice In Palestine

    Students for Justice in Palestine Society are a student society raising awareness about Israel’s human rights abuses against the Palestinians, and campaigning for a just end to the Israeli occupation.

  • Sudanese Society
  • Tabletop Gaming

    For anyone interested in various forms of tabletop gaming. We run roleplaying campaigns on Wednesdays 2-7pm and Sundays 1-7pm, and play Board Games, Card games and War Games on Fridays 2-10pm.

  • Taiwanese

    Our aim is to unite those with a passion for Taiwan.

  • Tamil

    Tamil Society provides a platform to unite Tamil students from different religious and geographical locations. Tamil is more than just a language; it represents a rich culture!

  • Tea

    Join us every Friday, 1pm - 3pm. Sit down and unwind with good company, a biscuit or two and, of course, as much tea as you can drink!

  • Terrence Higgins
  • Thai

    A group of students interested in, or with a background in, Thai culture - including cuisine. A student body representing Thai students studying at the University of Birmingham.

  • The Autism Play Project

    The Autism Play Project run a weekly play scheme for autistic children, giving the children space to play and improve their social skills. It is a chance for children with autism to have fun.

  • Theology and Religion
  • ThreeBUGS Fringe

    3BUGS Fringe Theatre society specialises in new, innovative and experimental theatre. 3BUGS stage exciting, contemporary performances each term. We welcome published or original plays & devised wo

  • Toastmasters

    Birmingham Lion Speakers is a society that provides members a platform to build up confidence in public speaking, communication and leadership skills.

  • Trading Floor

    From beginners who want to learn the artistry of trading to experienced traders, this group brings like-minded people together to compete and become the Wolf of Broad Street!

  • Tuition Scheme

    Providing free tuition in English, Maths and Science to local secondary students.

  • Turkish

    For students from Turkey, of Turkish heritage or interested in Turkish culture

  • UBCU

    UBCU is an interdenominational group of Christian students at the University of Birmingham, united around the Gospel, making disciples of Jesus at our university.

  • Underground

    Underground Music Society - previously 3 societies (Dub/Dnb/DJ) We've come together to expand over all genres of underground music to link up students with the Birmingham scene!

  • UNICEF on campus

    UNICEF on campus is open to all students who wish to help raise money and awareness about UNICEF. We actively support UNICEF in solving some of the key issues hurting children around the world.

  • United Nations

    We run weekly Model United Nations (MUN) meetings to debate current affairs and real-world issues from the point of view of UN member states. All abilities welcome!

  • University of Birmingham Private Equity Club
  • UoB Sing!

    UoB Sing! is a fun, un-auditioned choir for anyone who loves singing. We sing a varied repertoire of music, from pop songs to songs from the musicals.

  • UoB Social Work Society

    The Social Work Society is committed to developing the personal and academic experiences of our members. We will achieve this by organising a wide range of events, workshops, conferences, and socials.

  • Urban Lawyers

    Providing access to law for all

  • ValeFest

    ValeFest is the largest student-run charity music and arts festival in Europe. Held every June after exams, we aim to entertain and raise money and awareness for some great causes.

  • Vegetarian & Vegan

    VegSoc is a supportive and social student group, welcoming everyone from those just starting to reduce their meat consumption to the life-long vegans!

  • Vietnamese

    A group for anyone with links to Vietnam or interested in the culture, it's open to all

  • Vinyl

    UoB's Vinyl and Alternative Music Society

  • Watch This

    Watch This is the theatre society for original writing and improvisation. We run weekly Improv sessions, writers' forums and 48 Hour productions, and put on original plays, both full length and short.

  • Wayfarers

    Birmingham University's hiking society. Join us!

  • Weightlifting

    A society for anyone interested in weightlifting, using University facilities

  • Welsh

    A society for Welsh people and those interested in Welsh culture. English and Welsh-speakers welcome. Cymdeithas i bobl Cymraeg neu bobl sydd â diddordeb yn niwylliant Cymru.

  • Whisky

    A group for people interested in tasting different types of whisky

  • Wilderness Medicine

    This is no longer a Guild affiliated group. Please do not buy membership through this website.

  • Wine

    Wine Society brings people together with one common interest - wine! Come along to our fortnightly tastings and see what we're all about!

  • Women In Finance

    The society aims to draw career-driven students from a range of degree background together to help them tailor their careers and promote the advancement of women in the world of finance.

  • Women In Politics

    A non-partisan group for all women from all disciplines, where they can meet and socialise with like-minded political members and speakers in a friendly and informative environment

  • Women's Association

    Providing a space for women and non-binary students, to socialise and campaign on issues that people face at university and in wider society!

  • Writer's Bloc

    We are one of the University of Birmingham’s finest creative writing societies. We hold writing workshops and editing sessions for page, stage, and screen, as well as hosting various open mic nights.

  • Yoga

    Welcome to UoB's Yoga Society! Come and explore the benefits of Yoga taught weekly by our professional instructors. We have exciting social events planned for this year so become a member today!

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