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Why Join A Group?

Here at the Guild of Students, we support over 300 incredible student groups, societies and associations!

Whether you're interested in activities and games, academic assistance, campaigning, volunteering, food & drink, religious beliefs, music, performance or media, there's bound to be something that will appeal to you - and if there isn’t, we can give you the help you need to set up a group that matters to you.

Being a student group at the Guild has many benefits. As a group, you have access to free room bookings, resources (a bank account, website, and email address), publicity, links to 300 other groups, and of course staff support from the Student groups team! Beyond resources, you’ll gain invaluable experience in team work, event planning, and leadership skills. This can all count towards the PSA Award, your Enhanced Transcript…and maybe you’ll even win a Guild Award along the way!

Whatever the most important thing in your life is, joining a student group is an amazing way to try something new, make some incredible friends, explore your favourite activities, pick up some handy skills and discover what you love whilst you’re on campus. You might just find the thing – or the people – that define your time at University or even transform your life!

Start Your Own Group

Not found a group that meets your interests? Why not start your own!

Starting your own student group can be one of the most rewarding university experiences. In joining the Guild of Students as a new student group, you will become part of a vibrant and diverse community of over 300 groups.  The Student Groups team, located on the ground floor of the Guild, are always here to help. From your initial idea, through to running your student group, the Student Groups department will be there to support you every step of the way.

Come and see us in our office hours, or drop us an email at or click here for more information.

Contact: Get in touch

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30am – 4:30pm

Phone: 01214158950


Twitter: @Guild_Groups

Instagram: @Guild_Groups


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