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One of our biggest areas is advice, guidance, and representation on the University’s Regulations, Codes of Practices and procedures within the legislation. This could be advice in relation to the evidence required for an Extenuating Circumstances form or how to Change your Course, to long term Advisor support during a Primary Appeal or Complaint. In all cases you will receive advice on your current situation, your options moving forward, and the potential impact of those options on your time at the University of Birmingham.

Below we have summarised advice and guidance on the key points of Academic Support, however this should be a starting point, please contact us for more advice and guidance.

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Extenuating Circumstances

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Extenuating circumstances is the process of informing your School of circumstances that have affected you throughout the year. Depending upon the nature and severity of these circumstances your School may wish to take them into account when the Board of Examiners meet to decide what your progress decision should be.

Extenuating Circumstances - What to do when the unexpected happens and affects your studies


If you have received your progress decision and feel you may need to appeal, please read our Appeal Help Sheet and get in touch with Guild Advice for further support.

Now you are appealing - What happens next?


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Plagiarism is the act of a student claiming as his or her own, intentionally or by omission, work which was not done by that student. For further information click on the heading above and visit our page dedicated to Plagiarism

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During formal examinations you are expected to follow the written instructions on the paper and the oral instructions on the day by the senior invigilator. Failure to do so constitutes an exam irregularity.


The University requires students to conduct themselves in a reasonable and proper manner at all times, both on and off campus. The University can take action where a breach of its regulations relating to student conduct has occurred.

Not happy with your course/change of course, withdrawal, leave of absence

There may be a number of options you can consider if you are unhappy with your course or if need to take some time out. Want to change course, withdraw, leave of absence?

Making a complaint

There is a process under which an official concern/complaint can be raised within the University.

Problems with your supervisor

You may experience problems with your supervisory team whilst at university. It is therefore important to know what your rights and responsibilities are as a part of your course.

(This is fairly different from problems with your tutor which is covered under making a complaint in general)

Officer Representation

Guild Advice can also also support with arranging representation from our Officer Team if you need to attend a meeting (such as a primary appeal hearing, a complaint meeting, a discipline interview or a fitness to practise hearing) with your department or the University. Please contact us with the date and time of your meeting/hearing (if you have not received Guild Advice support in your case to date) and we can advise you on the next steps.

Useful Contacts

Wellbeing Officers

If you think your studies are being affected by a personal or medical issue, then it’s good to get in touch with your Wellbeing Officer as early as possible. They can help you get the support you need in your department and minimise any effect on your studies.

Find out who your Wellbeing Officer is

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