'How Bad Are Bananas?!’ Carbon Foot Print Game

Wednesday 07 February 2018

10am - 4pm

Reception, Guild of Students

What is it?

The game was designed by an Erasmus student from LSBU who won awards for developing the game idea. It's based on the book 'How Bad are Bananas?'. It's flexible enough to play with individuals, pairs, groups or teams.

The simple concept is just to choose the item in each pair that has the higher carbon footprint. It's a really good way of educating those who know nothing about carbon emissions and to give them some perspective on their lifestyle choices. Everyone goes away saying they've learnt something new and it doesn't just attract the usual suspects to play.


What about the training?

The training will be really fun and informative as its mainly involves playing the game to learn about the different playing cards. You'll also be shown how best to present the game to others and get them involved.

You'll learn all sorts of things about carbon impacts that you never knew before and will leave feeling confident to play the game with others.  You will also learn whether bananas are bad or not! :o)


What is in it for me?

a) improve communication skills

b) gain valuable CV building material

c) potentially be employed for future promotional work

d) learn new skills whilst having fun!

e) learn about carbon footprinting so you can irritate your peers with little known eco-facts

f) eat free bananas and if you're lucky a bit of vegan chocolate or cake too!