Creating Change & Learning To Lead with Citizens UK (Part One)

Event Details

Thursday 21 October 2021

10am - noon

Rosa Parks Room

As a part of our Activist Network events we want you to learn how to build alliances with like-minded groups, and create meaningful change on the issues you care about. Delivered in partnership with the community organising charity Citizens UK, this is the first of a series of three workshops that will give you the tools you need actually get things done. 

Course content will include:

  • Leadership Skills 
  • Building Teams 
  • Having an impact 
  • Building campaigns and organisations that last the long term

By purchasing this ticket, you automatically get access to our two subsequent events listed below: 

Creating Change and Leading Campaigns with Citizens UK (Part Two) Rosa Parks Room, 28th October, 10am - 12pm

Creating Change and Leading Campaigns with Citizens UK (Part Three) Rosa Parks Room, 4th November, 10am - 12pm

This session is suitable for student groups, student reps or anyone else who’s passionate enough to try and make a difference.